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15 Jan 2015

Over the past few months I've discovered some great new products and I thought it's about time I share them with you so let's get straight into it starting with a new favourite shower gel. I not fussy when it comes to shower gels and I just use whatever there is available but after receiving the Lush The Olive Branch Shower gel from a friend at Christmas I can't stop using it. The sent is like nothing I've used before but it just makes me feel super clean; to me, smell is what I smell mostly when I walk into a lush store.

Over the winter/Christmas period there have been two nail varnishes I've been loving the first of which is the Barry M Vintage Violet Nail Polish. Shock horror, it's not one of the Gelly collection but when I saw Lily Pebbles talking about it I fell in love as it's a colour I've been trying to track down for a while but after writing Barry M nail varnishes off as streaky and needed about 4 coats before it looks OK, I'm pleasantly surprised by how quick this drys and it only needs two coats. I'm glad my opinion has changed because they're so affordable and will be picking some more up in the future!

I decided to step out my Barry M Gelly Shine comfort zone and decided to see what Maybelline had to offer because I've always seen them and the cheap price tag and been tempted but it wasn't until I spotted The Maybelline Colour Show Nail Varnish in Brick Shimmer that I tried them out and I loved it. I wore it all through the Christmas season and I love it. I'm not a massive fan of shimmery nail varnishes but this is a perfect shade and shimmeryness(that's not even a word) for me!

When it comes to mascara, every time I get a new one I fall in love with it and it's no different to my new find which s the Soap & Glory Thick & Fact Mascara. I actually bought this in a set for my sister for Christmas as it's her favourite but after buying her a better Soap and Glory Set with the mascara also include, I decided to keep it for myself and I'm glad I did. While the name suggest volume, which it does give, I think this gives more length than anything as it gives my lashes a false lash affect and when wearing this my eyelashes have never felt longer! This is a perfect going out mascara for me and I think I prefer to any other mascara I've tried including Maybelline the Falsies. The only downside is that it's not waterproof but as long as I don't cry I'll be fine.Another Soap & Gory shout out to the Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss in Charm Offensive. I say it all too often on my blog that I'm not a fan of lip gloss and after being a little disappointed by a Tanya Burr lip gloss I was reluctant to try another but I'm so glad I tried this one. For me it's not sticky at all and the colour is a beautiful sophisticated, mauve/pink. I find it great over the top of my Kate Moss #09 lipstick and it's great on it's own as the pigmentation is fabulous!

I have never included a foundation in a favourites post; I've wrote reviews and said I liked them but they've never made a favourites but that's a bout the change as over the best part of six months I've been using Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain. I have dry skin and while to start with it did cling to certain areas, it didn't show as much as if it had been any other foundation I've tried. It isn't the most coverage but it's great for every day wear and since starting college I haven't gone a day without it! With foundations, I always find it useful to know someone's whole opinion so while I've been maybe a little vague here just to summarise, if you'd like a full review then just let me know! It's also worth mentioning ho affordable this is and the shade range! It' light enough for me!

As for music favourites, over the past few months I haven't really managed to stick to one artist really and have just been finding odd songs I like but one band I've been loving is Tenterhook. They're fairy unknown but they are perfect for when I'm wanting to be productive, read and just relax. There song "Chemicals" features on this months Spotify playlist which I'll post at the end of this month but if you want a listen now the link is here.

I'm in between books at the moment but I'm trying my best to put up more Recently Read more often because a lot of you seem to enjoy them.

It's just a small Currently Loving post today but they're all things I love and will be carrying on using.
Hope you're doing great,
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