Best Of 2014: Books, Music etc.

1 Jan 2015

Happy New Year! Here's the last installment of my yearly favourites and this is basically everything else apart from skincare and beauty which you can see in the previous two posts.

Nails. Lets get right into it and start with my nail polish pick of the year which will come as no surprise; the Barry M Gelly Shines. These are one of the easiest nail varnishes to apply and the colour selection is great! I think these will carry on being a favourite for years to come as I carry on collecting more colours as new ones are released.

Haircare. I also have to give a mention to my John Freda Frizz Ease Serum. I only started using this for the last half the year and I noticed a real difference with less frizz and flyaways going on. I now don't go a hair wash without applying this to my wet hair before I step out the shower.

Perfume. I have a few perfumes I rotate between but this year I've been using my Vera Wang Princess perfume the most. It has such a sweet subtle smell that I love. I've always thought the name and the bottle is a little childish but that doesn't take away from the product as a whole as I absolutely love the smell and it's been a staple perfume for many years now.

Fashion. On to fashion and there are just two things to mention starting off with my White Low Converse (which seem to be a more dirty cream now). I don't know how I coped without these before this year- they just go with everything and, yes, while they do get dirty fairly quickly, after a quick whiz in the washing machine they're pristine clean again. These really are one of my favourite purchases of the year. My other fashion favourite is the Topshop Joni Jeans; they are the comfiest jeans I've ever worn and they are a perfect skinny fit as well as having a high waist. While I don't show them as being high waist, I found them much more comfortable that way. I will mention though that after a while the stretch does tend to go and so I have to repurchase them and at £36 thy aren't the cheapest but I justify paying that as I do wear them every day for college and being the est pair of jeans I've found. I will be on the hunt for a cheaper alternative next year but for now they are the best jeans.

Films. There's a few film favourites I have to mention all of which were released this year and all of which I've reviewed. That is the Fault In Our Stars, Mocking Jay and The Maze Runner. I have linked you to all the full Book To Big Screen reviews I'e done so I'm not repeating myself other than saying that I really enjoyed all of these films and I recommend you go and watch them.

Books. Along with the film, a book favourite of mine is The Maze Runner series all of which I've reviewed in Recently Read posts. The series, for me tops The Hunger Games and Divergent- I really enjoyed the whole concept and had me on the edge of my seat. I am currently reading the Prequel to the series "The Kill Order" and  review will be up in a long awaited Recently Read in the New Year. A book that will be mentioned in that post and I will have to mention now is Noggin' by John Corey Whaley. John is one of my favourite authors; his ideas are so simple but utter genius. I'm planning a whole post on John in the new year with in depth reviews so hopefully I can make you fall in love with his work as much as I have! The last book I will mention is Paper Towns by John Green. I read this while on holiday and I thought non of his books would top how I felt about Looking For Alaska and while it still stands that he hasn't topped how I feel about that one, this comes a close second and I can't wait to see the film when it's released next year.

Music. This is been a big year for music for me and while I've been loving Ben Howard's new album, it only came out in the last few months of the year so, to an artist I haven't stopped listening to for years is Dallas Green also known as City And Colour. His music and lyrics are breathtaking and not enough people have heard enough of his music and if there's one thing to do after reading this post it's to give him a chance and listen to him on YouTube or Spotify. I also have to mention 1975 and Catfish & The Bottlemen who have been my bus journey anthems since starting college having a new favourite song from them every week. Also a mention to Saint Raymond who I loved since last year but it wasn't till around my GCSEs that it became my productive music. While I now have the bad memories of revising when listening to his music now I still love it and can't wait to see him live at the start of next year! A new music discovery of this year is Hozier. His album is perfection and I know I'll be listening to him for a long time now.

So that's it for my yearly favourites round up! I hope you enjoyed all three of these post as well as all the posts I've posted over the last year and I can't wait to see what this next year brings. 
Hope you're doing great,

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