Dear 2014

5 Jan 2015

Oh, you've been a weird one. A good one but a weird one I can't seem to comprehend how different I've felt this year. While I feel it's gone just as fast as any other year, I feel I've done more in the last 365 days then the previous 365 days.
The first half of the year seemed to be taken up mostly by revision for my GCSE exams which came with a lot of stress and worry. I really wanted to do well in the exams in April so I made sure I started revision early. After feeling as though I really hadn't done well at all, I was overwhelmed on result day when I found I got 2Bs 7As and A*. I felt so happy that my hard work paid off an didn't go to waste. While I was happy and ready to leave high school, I started to grow nervous for college in September.
Once the exams were over it was a long summer and I had one of the most active summers in a long time starting with my end of school prom. I spent the weeks leading up to the night preparing my dress and checking final arrangements for the vintage bus I'd organised. I wanted to have a really good time and, apart from a few hiccups, I really enjoyed myself including the after party. After being a shy introverted girl who spent her dinners reading numerous books, 2014 gave me the confidence to go to a party and be surrounded by friends and have a good time.
An after results party followed a few weeks after where our year gathered, really, for the last time all together. I found it a little ironic  how I'd rejected invite after invite to parties an d gatherings for the past five yea and then in the space of just a few weeks I'd been to three parties.
Then came the two weeks I'd been looking forward to for most of the year. London, Paris, Switzerland and Austria. While there were days that we hardly did anything and days where plans were rained off, it was such a great experience and one that I learnt a lot from and will remember for a ever.
My long summer was soon over and off the college I wet where I'd chosen Photography, Sociology, Psychology and English Combined at AS level. I really didn't know what to expect but going there with people I know including two of my closest friends really helped me feel at ease. I really surprised myself bu making new friends fairly quickly in my lessons as well as people who I sit with every day at break and dinner. I've noticed myself being more confident to talk to new people as well as being more confident with in myself. While change isn't always for the best, I feel the change I've gone through this year has been a good and well needed change. 
However, this year hasn't always been amazing and it's had its low points. With moving to college, I have lost people I classed a friends and even bestfriends. Sometime I make myself laugh at my naivety- thinking that we'll always be friends. Sometimes I actually feel glad that I'm not having to waste my time on false friendships that don't bring me the happiness that it should but sometimes I'm saddened by the numerous broken promises of staying in contact after high school as we went on to different things. I do have a little bit of hope that one day we will reconnect in some way; for now though, I just have to cherish the fun and embarassing moents I've had with them and focus on the year to come. 

So it's goodbye from me 2014-you've treated me well and hs probably been one of my favourite years due to the amount of good change and growing up I've done throughout the whole year. I hope 2015 treats me just as well as you have!


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