Book To Big Screen: The Maze Runner.

13 Oct 2014

If you've read my previous reviews on the book, The Maze Runner by James Dashner,you will know I'm a huge fan of this trilogy and so that didn't help lower my expectations for the film and I went in with high hopes.I'm best mentioning here that this isn't the best post to read if you are yet to see the film or read the book as I will be talking about the film in detail and so I don't want any angry comments saying I've ruined it for you!
  The Maze Runner was a film I've been looking forward to the release of for a while now and after finishing the trilogy recently, I was raring to see the first film. It was released on Friday and my sister and I headed to the cinema on the Saturday after I forced her to read the books because I wouldn't shut up about how much I loved them. As a quick overview, I thought this film was outstanding! The cast was amazing with Dylan O'brien and Will Poulter.I loved the character of FRypan especially throughout the film. The look of the gladers was so authentic and they all resembled something very similar to what I imagined when reading the book. The scenery was also on point; from the glade itself to inside the dreaded Maze.It all felt so real and you really got a sense as to what it would be like to live there. The Grievers were not what I was expecting at all as I thought they'd look like giant slugs but they still did resemble something similar to the description in the book.
  Compared to other book to movie adaptations, this was one that I'd noticed the most changes with and I should have expected it. In the book, it became apparent that when one of the characters, Alby, arrived there was already some Gladers there where as in the movie they made it clear that he was the first one there and was there for a whole month on his own.
Another thing I noticed was the fact that Gally, played by Will Poulter, wasn't as angry as I'd imagined. I thought this might just have been because of how much I love Will Poulter  but, as the film progressed, I realised he wasn't as mean as I thought he would be and I think the fact that they changed his part of the story impacted how evil he was. In the book Gally was supposed to have been stung be a Griever and so and had seen Thomas in The Changing and so hated him but throughout the film he just seemed to hate Thomas because he was suspicious of him.
 I felt they changed the story line considerably. Most of the differences came when the Grievers entered the Glade- in the book this is spread over numerous nights where the Grievers would take a Glader each night but in the movie many were taken in one night before those left decided to enter the maze and find the way out.
  The thing that saddened me the most was the amount Chuck, Thomas' side kick was in the film. He really wasn't in it enough and, as my favourite character, it did annoy me.
  Some of the changes I did like though such as the fact they toned down the Glade slang quite a lot was great because, throughout the books, that was one element that did start to annoy me and I thought I knew that if it was the same in the films, it would annoy me again and so that was a great move to make. Also they took out completely the fact that Theresa and Thomas could speak to each other telepathically which I thought was OK to take out and stopped it from coming cheesy However, from what I remember of the second, it plays apart in that one too and so it will be interesting to see how that happens in the second book. Even with all these changes I still loved the film and my sister said on the drive home that the changes were good because even if you had read the book it kept you guessing about what would happen next. The film had me hiding behind my shirt at points as well as laughing and just enjoying the whole film and is definitely one to go and watch in the cinema as it really helped create the atmosphere of the film.
  I really do recommend going to watch it when you can.
Have you read The Maze Runner or plan to go and see the film?
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