12 Oct 2014

On Monday, I was lucky enough to have been sent the first book of three entitled End Game:The Calling by James Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton.* I was supposed to receive prior to release so I could publish the review before it was released also. After finishing it just moments ago I thought I would write my review and share my thoughts on this book with you.
In my opinion, this is a cross between the Hunger Games (but on a global scale) and Percy Jackson. The whole story line is based around the fact that life on Earth is going to come to an end but only one line can survive. Their are twelve lines so twelve players descended from ancient ancestors. Each of the players are aged between 13 and 19 and ,once they are no longer a teen, it is passed down to the next eligible player. The idea is that when earth comes to an end the line that wins the endgame will be the line to survive. 
 This book isn't like anything I have read before but I will say, straight off, that I really enjoyed it. It was a action packed book that just had me wanting to always read on. Throughout the book, you see the viewpoints of the different players and see how they take on the challenge and how their adventures cross. One thing I found to be a problem with this book was the amount of player there were; it did get me slightly confused in parts between the different characters but I soon got my head around them all. I hope this is isn't too much of a spoiler but one of the players had a tic and the way that came across in the text, kind of annoyed me- I think it might of supposed to have done that but I didn't like it. I also did find some of the characters very creepy.Something I love is short chapters and this has short chapters which is more of a personal preference but something I prefer in the books I read. I'd also like to point out the amazing cover this book has as well. With taking it to college to read, it got a slightly battered and I'm annoyed at myself for that but I still love the cover anyway.
 It's one of those books that is hard to explain unless the person your talking about it to has also read it but I hope you take my word for it that this is a fantastic book and one I highly recommend.
  Throughout this book, they want you to play your own endgame too. There are clues throughout the book for the reader to solve and the first to do so wins $500,000. The puzzle in my copy is not the real one but just a mock up.The real puzzle that has been made for the actual, published book has been designed by 3 MIT PhDs and by solving the puzzle yourself, it will lead you to a location of a real hidden key and if you find the key, you will be able to open a bullet proof box. The opening of the box will be streamed on YouTube. I think this is a great way in to getting more people of my age and younger in to reading and really getting involved in the story.
  In addition to the puzzle, the book comes along with the release of an app which will allow readers to play as the characters in the book and play along.
The rights to this book have already been purchased by 20th Century Fox to make in to a film to produce to film.This is a book made for the big screen and I expect big things from this book and is definitely one to check out as I loved it! I don't know how long it will be before the second book in the trilogy is released but I will definitely be buying it as it's not a book that you could read the first one and leave it, you have to read them all!

Does this book sound like something you'd buy?
Hope you're doing great,

*While I was kindly sent this book, this hasn't influenced my opinion on it; all that is written is my own words and my own thoughts on the book.

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