August 8th-15th: Austria

26 Oct 2014

I'm finally writing up about the final stretched of my travels. It seems like so long ago now and I can't believe I'm only just getting round to writing this last installment. After enjoying breakfast at the hotel in Switzerland, we got a taxi to the train station where we caught another train to Innsbruck where we picked up our hire car and headed on a 2 hour car journey to Zell am See where we would be staying for the week. When I was tiny, we stayed in something I can only describe as an overseas Butlins. It was great for when I was younger with all sorts of activities on your static caravan's door step. While we wouldn't be using it for that this time around, with a car as well, it was a great base for us and we could finally enjoy home cooked meals. When we arrived later that day, we'd already decided we weren't going to do much but after unpacking we quickly got bored and headed down into the town where we had an explore and a walk around the picturesque lake.
After a sleeping in a very cold bed, we headed up on a day in the car up a lot of windy roads to go and view the Austrian Alps. The journey up consisted of a lot of wincing for my mother who was convinced my dad would drive us over the edge plummeting to our death. Of course that didn't happen but I let my mum off because my dad's driving really isn't the safest. The views on the way up were beautiful and it was the same on the way down. When we reach the top, the view we saw was spectacular.

Day 2 of Austria and we decided to head to something suggested by the team at the camp site but when we got there it wasn't at all what we were expected so we turned to plan B and headed to Krimml where Dad knew there was a beautiful waterfall. It was a short walk down before we got the waterfall and the spray was insane! We weren't in the most sensible shoe wear so we decided it was best to not try and climb the slippery rocks and instead just watch others climb the rocks in their ponchos and dolly shoes as they got blown everywhere. We spotted a viewing platform about the waterfall so me and my dad headed up there to get a photography and my way the view spectacular; even with the misty clouds produced by the waterfall causing the view to be foggy, it was still beautiful.
Day 5 and it was a rainy day. I had a lie in because all it was doing outside was raining. When we finally left our accommodation, the only thing we could think to do in the bad over cast weather was to go for a drive. We decided to head out Austria and into Germany and have a little explore. We spent the day in the car but we saw some amazing views.

After quite a disappointing 5th day, I was so excited for what we had in stall for the next day. It was one of the things I want to do myself in particular and that was a walk up a gorge. It was called the Kitz Loch Klamm.It was basically a gorge that had been turned into a place safe for the public with stair ways and bridges so you could appreciate all that was to offer; it was my favourite day of them all and probably the best walks I've ever been on!

After such an amazing day, it was another disappointing day to finish on as it was a miserable day and we were all tired as the travelling had really caught up with all of us. We decided to take one last drive around Austrian Valleys and spend a little more time in Zell Am See looking around the town and taking a trip back down to the gorgeous lake.
Austria was amazing along with the other places we visited over Summer. Writing this now seems like it was so long ago that we were even on the holiday let alone planning the trip. I've loved reminiscing on the trip and I've learnt so much from the two weeks of travel. I hope you've enjoyed this re cal along with the others.
Do you have any recommendations for countries to go to?
Hope you're doing great,

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