27 Oct 2014

 Being at college, on weekdays I still get up at half 6 but when it comes to weekends...that's another story! I'll sleep in till late and then just have time to do some homework and write a blog post and before I know it, it's dark outside and I'm watching films in bed. I was set the challenge by http://www.freeofficefinder.com/ to face the day with an early start. The aim of the challenge is to get up earlier than usual and make the most of your day and that I did so when I was set the challenge I accepted it in hope that I would get more out of my weekends!
I set an alarm for 8 o'clock(I need a little bit of a lie in come on!). I grabbed breakfast and, after getting dressed, I got all my work out of the way. I finished my work at 10 o'clock and didn't know what to do with myself! I sat and planned some upcoming posts and I had time to read; something I've not had time to do at home for a few weeks now and have usually just crammed a few chapters in in my frees.
Getting up just a little earlier really made all the difference and I had time to do things I would usually only get to do in half terms like go for a walk that wasn't for photography purposes but just because I wanted to go out for some fresh air.
I also had time to make the most amazing Victoria Sponge cake (it's always best with real strawberries and cream) which was absolutely gorgeous. This has really motivated me to get up earlier every day including weekends and conquer the day.

When I'd finished all of this, it was now around 3 and so I thought I would carry on with a bit of blogging before getting an early night so I could ,hopefully, manage another early morning the next day and I did!

Do you get up early? If not I think you should and see the difference it makes!
Hope you're doing great,
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