The Spring Edit.

5 Apr 2014

For the last installment of this spring themed week, I thought I'd show you the beauty and fragrance bits that I know I'll be grabbing for this spring!

Daisy by Marc Jacobs: This is definitely a spring scent and one I've been waiting for the right time to ue an think spring is that time! I don't want to embarrass myself in trying to describe what this smells like, I'll just tell you that is quite floral and, like I said, a perfect spring scent!

MUA Blush in "Lolly": This is a gorgeous pink/slightly coral blush. It's only spring so I'm not diving straight in with the corals just yer so I'm easing myself in with this new blush. I've been wearing it so much since I bought it and I'll be wearing this all spring and even into the summer.

NAKED Basics Palette: Since getting this palette for my birthday back in January, I haven't spoken about it much on my blog but I love this! At first I wasn't sure but I've been using it so much as we're going into spring for just a simple look on the eyes and I know i'll get so much use out of this through spring! Let me know if you'd like to see a full review of this on my blog any time soon.

Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream: This was a product I wasn't too sure about when I first bought it but I gave it a second chance, fell in love with it, bought another shade and know I'll be wearing this all spring. The colour in the photo is Fairy Cake 3 and is a pink/ slightly coral shade. This and the MUA blush are a good duo!

L'Oreal Collection Privee Lipstick "Eva's Nude": Like I've mentioned, I didn't want to go straight into the deep end with the corals and bright colours so this is why I've picked this pink nude as my transition lipstick from winter to spring. 

So that's some products you'll be grabbing for this Spring?
Hope you're doing great,


  1. Love MUA blush and of course the basics palette. great picks x

  2. I really need to try some of the products your mentioned, especially Marc Jacobs daisy perfume!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  3. i've always loved the look of the cream puff lip creams but i've never tried them out! xx

    Lucy | Make Up Your Mind

    1. You definitely should! It took me a while to get used to them but i find they've bee great to get me into more bolder colours and not the same old nudes!
      Sarah x