Guest Post: Yige's Night Out Look

27 Feb 2014

Hello Sarah's readers! I'm Yige from Yet Another Makeup Blog, and today Sarah and I have decided to do a collab post together on makeup looks for the day and the night. And it's pretty obvious that I'm doing the night time look, as you can tell from the pictures and the title, I hope you enjoy!

Products Used:

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Paint (Manganese Purple)
Glitter Eyeliner (can't remember where I got it from)
MUA Ever After Palette
Revlon Blending Brush
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
Collection Concealer
Bobbi Brown Bronzer
Boots Lip Salve
MUA Lipstick (shade 12) 

For this look, I decided to centre everything around my purple eyeshadow paint from Rimmel, which I haven't used a lot (at all, if I'm being perfectly honest. Oops...) I've never used purple eyeshadow before because I was always too scared that I'll look ridiculous, but this look has plenty of brown eyeshadow to tone down the purple, so don't worry about it looking really bright!

First I used the shade Truffle and Smoke on the outer corners and lower lash line, whilst leaving the middle part of my eyelids blank. Then I went in with the eyeshadow paint on the lids on the centre of my lower lash line, and blending it out a bit.
And for the cherry on top, I used a glitter eyeliner on the inner corners and the very centre of my eyelids. Whenever I looked down, I would just see shiny glitter on the corner of my eye.

Since the eye makeup is quite colourful and glittery, I thought a teeny bit of bronzer will do for my skin, instead of blush since it's a night time look. And for the lips, I'm using shade 12 from MUA, which I've been really loving recently.

Here's the finished look, I hope you liked it and don't forget to go over to my blog to see Sarah's post!

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Thank you Yige and I hope you're doing great,

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  1. Love the muted purple in Yige's eyeshadow look + enjoyed seeing this collab! c:

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ