Weekend Special #5: Bastille Concert 28/02/2014

1 Mar 2014

Last night, me and a couple of friends headed to Manchester's O2 Apollo where we were watching Bastille. Things didn't start off great; me with a cold that I'd been off school for on the Wednesday and Lydia who was having serious back problems but we were optimistic that these would affect our night!
After joining the back of the queue that seemed to go on for ages, we started to move and get into the venue. I've been to the apollo before back in January of last year when watching Two Door Cinema Club who were supported by, funnily enough, Bastille so this was my second time seeing them! I also remember the apollo as being quite small so everyone tends to be very compact.
I was actually quite nervous going into the concert as I'd stood at a concert like this before but after a few drink being chucked about and me and Sara ending up with strangely wet legs, I just realised I had to get on with it and enjoy myself. 
I have to be honest, the waits between support acts and Bastille were quite long and you could people were becoming impatient. At some points, the waiting fun as songs like The Kaiser Chiefs 'I Predict A Riot' would come on and everyone would burst into song! 
The support acts were great but wasn't what I was expecting; starting with RagNBoneMan who, when he came out didn't have me excited and I wasn't expecting much but his voice was incredible! I enjoyed listening to his music but then he brought on this rapper called 'StigOfTheDump' that looked like his brother and, not being a massive fan of rap, was the best thing I'd ever seen but then again not the worst.
There was then a wait before the other support, Angel Haze from American, came in stage where she really went for it! She was a rapper so I wasn't expecting big things but I actually really enjoyed it! She included a cover of Beyonce's Drunk In Love that she changed up and it was amazing! When she left the stage, this is when I grew impatient.

I just wanted them to come out now! But when they did, everyone went mad! To sum the night up, they were amazing as I did expect and they're incredible live. 'During Flaws', Dan walked out into the crowd and it was great! I sadly wasn't close enough to see him but I got a video. Every song they did well. The drum playing was the bit I was looking forward to the most as Dan hits that drum with all his strength! Apart from a few elbows in the back and a bunch of girls making up their own words when they didn't know them it was a goodnight once we found a good spot to stand in.Oblivion, even though it's their slowest song, was a serious highlight for me as everyone sung along a long with Daniel In The Den (which is my favourite song) and Rythm of the Night where Dan told us to all crouch down and then jump up when he says. It was so good even if you did end up practically sniffing the persons bum in front of you!
 I still can't make up my mind as to whether I like standing; I think it's only really good of you're right at the front otherwise you get stuck behind some giant in front of you. I think, for me, standing is great at concerts like Andy Jordan or Lewis Watson but for ones like Bastille, I am probably safer sitting but I will probably choose standing anyway!
It was a great night and I would recommend watching them live to anyone! I'm sorry I didn't gt many pictures as I did mainly video. I've put a couple up on my Instagram acounts which the links are to the left of my blog if you want to have a peak!
What was the last concert you went to?
Hope you're doing great,

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  1. Oh I'm so jealous! I love Bastille, I really want to go see them in concert and I might get tickets if they aren't too expensive :) You're so lucky!