A Day Account: Andy Jordan Concert 17/12/2013

22 Dec 2013

I'm going to start by apologizing for my messed up schedule but I'm wanting to get this post out before the Christmas festivities kick off!
So earlier this week, Thursday to be precise, I headed into Manchester with 3 of my friends to watch Andy Jordan. I knew him from Made In Chelsea but his career on the Chelsea located TV show is nothing compared to what he can become with his music. He only has two songs on iTunes and anything else I've heard him sing has been covers but that didn't affect the concert in the slightest!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on VIP tickets which included meeting Andy, a signed poster and an opportunity to have a photo with him.So the night started well when we met him; it's always weird to see someone you've watched on your TV or on your computer screens in real life but everyone seemed to be very relaxed around him and he was nice to everyone- he also looks slightly different in real life! One bonus to this concert was there was no over the top fan girls in sight! I won't go into the ins and outs of our conversation but we had a short chat which seemed to go on a lot longer than other people's with him and it was nice to be able to talk to someone like him on a one to one basis with no pressure to hurry up. I seized the opportunity to have a photo with him which I posted on instagram @sarahndsons  along with a video of the concert but here it is aswell:

Having the VIP passes meant we had earlier access to the stage room and we had amazing places- standing on the barrier in the middle of the stage. It was a long wait before the support act even came on so we seemed to fill that time taking silly selfies.
The concert was at the Sound Control which was the same place I went to see Lewis Watson and Reconnected back in the day. It's become one of my favourite places for a concert because of how intimate the concert it is and I feel like I know the venue well now.
The support act ,Andy said, was a girl who encouraged him to pursue a career in music and for that I thank her! She was a country singer who lived in Nashville called Fiona Culley who Andy asked to support him while she was home for Christmas. Her music was not something I would normally listen to but more of my dad's taste of music; but the way she took well known songs and countrified them was amazing as well as doing quite a few originals. Her cover of 'Ho Hey' by The Lumineers was my favourite which had everyone singing along and having a good time!

There was then another wait before Andy came on but it was well worth the wait; starting with his version of No Diggity. His set also included mash ups of Drake's 'Hold On We're Going Home' with John Newman's 'Love Me Again' and the one I was looking forward to- 'Fast Car' by Tracey Chapman (which he dedicated to his mum who was there that night in Manchester) with a song by James Bay which I think was called 'Moved Together' which he later covered with Fiona on her Youtube chanbel but don't quote me on this Whatever song it was, it was phenomenal! He also sang some his two originals 'Whole Lot Of Water' and 'We Don't Care' and also played a new untitled song which he said he'd be releasing in the new year hopefully!

His guitarist, Alex,had his little sister there that night and he got her up on stage to dance with him but they just stood there holding hands before he accidentally stood on his guitar wire, pulling it out. He then just decided to take off his guitar and put it down to pick the girl up and let her say hello. It was adorable!
The night finished on an amazing high as he sung an amazing version of 'Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)' by Klankarussell which got everyone clapping and really joining in and enjoying themselves!

It was a short concert but the night was amazing and was a great way to end 2013! I hope to be able to see him in concert again soon!
What was the last concert you went to?
I'd also love to know what you think of this style of post!
Hope you're ok,

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