Currently Loving #3

24 Dec 2013

As you can probably tell from the #3, I hardly do favourites but in the new year you're going to be bombarded with favourites from the past year in 3/4 separate post of what I've loved throughout the past year so just a friendly warning! However, I did want to fit in one last favourites that is consisted of things that I haven't been loving all year but just over this last month or two!

Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Control Set: If you have a manic spot breakout this is the product for you! I used this set back in my spot days when I had horrible acne and this worked so much.  I rediscovered this product a week or so ago when I has an horrendous break out due to stress etc and this worked a treat!The set came with the cleanser and moisturiser that is shown in the photo above but also a spot treatment gel which I sadly last but they all work wonders and are a great trio. I haven't seen this in spots for a while but it still has the set on the Clean and Clear official website so if you're interested, keep your eyes peeled but I know they do the spot gel separate and the moisturiser which comes with a handy pump now! I haven't seen the cleanser on it's own they only have variation of it but ,again, keep an eye out!

Dainty Doll Lipstick #004: I ordered this from fragrance direct along with the concealer and I have to see I was hardly impressed either of the products I chose as the concealer just creased and the lipstick packaging didn't keep the lipstick up when I was applying it. You'll probably be wondering why I 'm including the lipstick in this post then? Well, aside from the dodgy packaging, the colour of this lipstick I love and is my next step to my adventure of branching out on lipstick colours. This isn't a dark nude like I'd normally wear and is a lot more pinker but I really like it! Also, if you know of or own any lipsticks of a similar colour please let me know!

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser: When I first bought and used this I absolutely hated it as I just felt like it left my skin oily but I must of been in a bad mood that day because over these past few weeks, it's been a life saver and safes me from standing in my room freezing cold apply my body butter all over my body and it leaves my skin nice and smooth. I treat this product as a normal moisturiser that I use on my face my cleansing or exfoliating before apply it and it really is a great product! It's not a necessary but it's great if you want to save time on moisturising outside the shower.

Avon Super Extend Mascara: I have had this for ages and I find it gives my lashes so much length. I used to just use it or my bottom lashes as, because of the wand size, I could get into the corners without getting he mascara everywhere! It's only been recently that I've been using on my top lashes as well for a everyday wear so there's nothing too dramatic going on! I've found that Avon products are over looked a lot of the time but the mascaras are something you should definitely look into because the ones I have tried have never failed me including this one!

One thing I would like to finally mention is an App I've been loving which is WattPad which is used by avid readers and writers to publish their work or just to read others. It's most known to be used by fan girls to write their dirty fan fictions but it's not just that and it has some amazing stories on it. I've being reading one called 'Falling for the Opposite' which I've been liking. Most of them aren't up to professional level which I find quite nice as you can just see this book coming together in front of your eyes! It can take a while to discover a story that you're hooked into and want to read but there's something satisfying about finally finding a book that's perfect!

So, this is my last post before Christmas and I doubt I'll be posting till the new year as I'm off to Essex to see family for new year and my days are jam packed between then and Christmas. So, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Hope you're doing well,

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