How I Use Notion as a Content Creator

28 Mar 2021 United Kingdom


Notion is such a great tool for so many reasons - great for students writing up lecture notes, fab for freelancers organising their calendar and switching between clients. I've been loving using Notion to organise all things content and I'm shocked I haven't used it sooner! If you're interested in setting up a Notion account but unsure where to start, I hope this can help! Here's how I use Notion as a content creator to organise blogging, social media and more! 

All my drafts in one place

For blogging, I've drafted posts using a few different tools. I previously used Bear and also used Google Docs but Notion has been the best I've used so far! I can organise my drafts into sections and subsections: drafts to be uploaded, drafts for a certain month or campaign. It really keeps my thoughts organised. I can keep track of the drafts I have yet to share and once I have, keep them recorded in a "published" folder. 

Creating an editorial calendar

I've gone from planning my monthly content on paper to a spreadsheet and now a wonderful editorial calendar in Notion and it's so much better! I can drag my drafts to the date I plan on publishing and update the progress right there - whether it's just an idea yet to be drafted, waiting for images or just needs a push on social, I know exactly where I'm up to for every post and everything I need to do before I hit publish!

I've also been using this to schedule in Instagram posts - what I'm posting, typing out captions and hashtags that I can just copy and paste over the photo is ready to go! 

Setting up a blogging workflow

If you're someone that works on a few posts at once, Notion can definitely help you keep track of all the posts your creating. If you've used tools like Asan before, you can create similar templates in Notion to keep on top of all the moving parts that go into creating a post. Whether it's a simple tick list per post or something more dynamic, there are some fab Notion templates for you to use to get started. 

Using Unsplash images in Notion

If you like using stock images in your content, Notion makes this really easy! Unsplash is available to be used within Notion so, you can find the perfect image as you draft your posts instead of leaving it to the last minute! You can really get a sense of how your post will look in Notion before you upload it. 

It's great for personal stuff too! 

I don't just use Notion for blogging, but I've created sections for other projects, personal habit tracking and reading lists to make it an all-around great tool to help you organise your life while making your blogging life even easier! 

Notion really does everything in one home. I no longer need to have different docs and different tabs open to organise my life digitially. I've definitely been feeling much more organised and motivated to create content since using Notion! 

Do you use Notion? Any tricks I'm missing out on? Let me know! 
Thanks for reading, 
Sarah x 

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