Some Music, TV & Book Recommendations for April

25 Apr 2020 United Kingdom

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While I've been sharing quite a few book recommendations recently - cosy book picks and books based on your zodiac signs - I haven't shared so much of my more recent reads as well as what I've been watching. I've also discovered some great new albums that I've been eager to share. Now's the time! 

Books I've been reading

Paper Girls by Brian Vaughan 

This was actually my sister's book and I was intrigued when I saw it on the shelf. She had "Book One" which is the first 12(ish) volumes of this comic. It's about a group of girls who all deliver the local newspaper. When they're on their morning paper run, all sorts of abnormal activity ensures. Aliens, time travel, clones. It's so fast-paced! You're thrown straight into the story and it gets going immediately with every episode or volume ending in a cliffhanger. I definitely enjoyed the fact there was more than one volume in this book otherwise, even with the cliffhangers, I don't think I would stick with it. Paper Girls was a nice break from my usual reads and one I'd definitely recommend to sci-fi, graphic novel fans. 

The Life of a Banana by P.P Wong

This was a fairly quick read for me. It follows Xing Li, she is what some Chinese refer to as a "Banana" - yellow on the outside, white on the inside. She lives in London with her mum and brother but after her mum sadly dies, she moves in with her strict, traditional grandma, wannabe actress auntie, and aloof, troubles uncle. As she's both adjusting to this new home, she's also trying to fit in at her new school - full of rich, white, kids who can't get past how she looks. Xing Li feels like she doesn't belong anywhere. It's such a heartbreaking story that is also funny in places. I personally loved the dynamic between her and her brother as well as the blossoming friendship with her new and only friend, Jay. 

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

Ahh yes - the book everyone and their mum's have read and is talking about it. I mentioned this in my Cosy book recommendations so I'll keep this one short. Tiffy and Leon share a flat but they work completely different hours and never actually meet. It was such a warm, uplifting and funny read. If you're looking for a nice, easy read to devour in a day or two, this is perfect! 

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Shows I've been watching

Doctor Who 

I used to be such a big Doctor Who fans back in the days of Cristopher Eccelston and David Tennant but as the years went on, I've watched it less and less. When I discovered all the 10 recent seasons had made its way to Netflix I said: "Challenge Accepted!" It's actually been so nice rewatching after all these years as so many episodes have forgotten, I can relive some faves and also I feel like I actually understand the storylines a lot more than my 12-year-old self hiding behind the pillow on a Saturday night ever did. 

Goggle Box

I'm sure if you're from the UK, you are aware of this show that is pure TV gold. Watching people watch TV - sounds ridiculous but it's the only time I seem to watch actual TV. It never fails to make me laugh. The families are all so funny and even if you're bored, the old episodes still stand the test of time and are great if you need an extra giggle. 

Albums I've been listening to 

Manic // Halsey 

I am so annoyed it took me this long to full sit down and listen to this whole album in its entirety. I now cannot stop listening to it. I've not always been a big Halsey fan but this album is so well put together with some really great tracks that are different from any of her earlier music I've head. My favourite tracks are you should be sad, 3am and killing boys. 

~ how i'm feeling // LAUV

Now, this one I made sure I listened to on the day of release. I loved LAUV's last album which I mentioned previously in "Albums I Can't Stop Listening To" and this album is no different. There's some really great tracks for every mood. This album is always in heavy rotation on Spotify and I'm more than ok with that. My favourite track has to be Modern Loneliness but also Tattoos Together, Who, Sweatpants and... can I just list the whole album?!

I hope you liked this pretty laid back post.  Leave any book, music or Tv recommendations for me to check - I always love your recommendations! 

Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

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