21 Feb 2019

Just last weekend my parents and sister all came to visit me for the day. We went out to lunch and then we had a little walk around York city centre. It's been a while since I've felt like a bit of a tourist and really appreciated how great York is.

We decided to walk part of the city walls, which I hadn't done before, as well as do the usual walk past the Minster and around The Shambles.

I haven't done a photo-diary-style post really since 2015 where I shared "ON FILM" which was a selection of photos taken from my first roll of film. I have really neglected photography since being at university. However, this little trip around York has really re-inspired me to pick up my camera more often as it's something I really enjoy doing.

Sorry, it's such a short post today but I hope you enjoyed the few pictures I took over the weekend in York.
Have you ever been to York?

Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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