3 Jan 2019

It was on the radio the other day when the presenter said that New Year is the biggest party night on the calendar and, for so many, that is exactly what it is. However, I've never been one to care too much about it. I would always spend it with friends and family, would count down to midnight and have a few drinks, let off some fireworks and I loved that. But, every year I've always thought I've been doing it wrong; everyone seems to have a better new year than me and maybe it's almost like a bad omen; this bad start throughout the rest of the year. 
So, when my sister asked if I wanted to join her and a few of her friends to go to Ireland I thought "Why not?". I hadn't been away all year and what better way to start a new one but in a different country experiencing something new with new people. 
We were there over new year and had a lovely time visiting some bars, looking around the city, laughing in copious amounts and, of course, being together at midnight. All in all, it was a really nice break to escape the reality of university for just a few days. 

However, one thing that always gets me about new year is the notion of "New Year, New Me". I get it; I too will make resolutions (that I will most likely not keep to) and embrace the new year as a fresh start. But, I think it's easy to get caught up in this idea and forget what happened before that stroke of midnight and take too literally what the start of the new year represents.

"This is it. This is when things change"

It's something we all do; wait until a defining point in time before making a change and it's something that almost baffles me that we're all so used to doing. 

As I head into 2019, yes, with some vague resolutions, I don't want to forget the progress I've made in 2018 as, while it may not seem like much now, just because something didn't finish in 2018 doesn't mean it can't carry on. Your troubles from 2018 are still with you and should not just be brushed off in a way that later down the line could effect you even more. But it's also worth remembering that as you utter to yourself and those around you "This will be my year!" to not put pressure to live up to your resolutions and high expectations if you, later down the line change your mind or things don't go exactly as planned.  We're human and shit happens. 

What I'm trying to says is, yes, it's good to take the start of a new year as a time to make some changes as well as using it as a time of reflection. However,  that doesn't mean your fresh start has to be in January, hell, you don't even have to start a fresh. Just because 2018 is over doesn't mean some of the stories created in that year are done and they can still continue and that the book doesn't have to end.  Progression is important just as much as resolutions. 

So what's happening in 2019? 

With what I said above, I wasn't going to make any real resolutions for 2019. However, I'm human and it seems like a wasted opportunity not to encourage myself to make some changes in my life, little or big; to take the time to plan what's to come in the next 12 months and beyond. 


As shocking as it is to say, I will be finishing my degree in Psychology in June. Whenever anyone had asked me what I was doing after I finish, I would be telling them I would be applying to do a masters in something Psychology-related. However, over the past years of endless testing of knowledge, essays, reports and continued stress I feel I've almost fallen out of love with the subject and instead think a break is necessary. 

A lot of my friends and most students look at grad jobs and, while I have pondered doing the same, there hasn't been anything I've seen that really sticks out to me. Instead, I think, when uni ends, I will be looking to stay in York where I've been loving to live these past years and find any job that will pass the time. I'll take those 6-12 months after graduating to look for something more permanent, maybe reconsider a masters but also try and get back in touch with the hobbies I have been neglectful of for many years now. Maybe from this, something will spark an interest or I will have a light bulb epiphany of realising what it is I really want to do. 


One of the hobbies I've been neglectful of is my blog. It's something that I think I've finally started to find my feet and my passion for again. I'm hoping to try and put out content as often as possible but, in doing so, not forcing myself to share posts and writing that I am not 100% happy with. 
I think building a more positive relationship with blogging again could be really beneficial looking into the future and I'm excited to see what I can produce from now on. 

I should take this opportunity, if anyone would like to, to ask if you have any blog posts of mine that you enjoyed reading and would like to see more of.  I'm continuously trying to evolve my "voice" on my blog and bring something new to the table but, it'd be nice to know that people are enjoying it too and would like to read more! 


I think this is the biggy. I've already mention leaving university and life changes related to finding a new place to live in York as well as a job. 

I've had a rocky relationship with self-love and, like many, it's a bit of a rollercoaster. At the start of 2018 I felt as though I was in a good place with my confidence and it's only recently that I've hit a bit of a bump in the road. I want to continue to focus in growing an appreciation of myself. How I'll do this is still undetermined but it's one of those that is a continued progression over many years and won't just be starting in 2019. What maybe starting in 2019 maybe being more openly honest about this subject to my friends and others close to me. 

My creativity is waiting to be put to use and I have already so many ideas I just need to put in place  in 2019. I want share these ideas with as many people as I can. Once my January exams are over, it's definitely the first resolution I want to tackle. 

Lastly, self-care is something I am putting at the forefront of my mind moving through 2019. Not just a face mask (while that may help) but talking about my problems to people who want to listen, and seeking help if or when necessary. Also, not pressuring myself to do anything I don't feel comfortable doing and all around focussing on myself. 

This may seem like a little all-over-the-place-post but I wanted to get a little message across as we enter 2019 and also share with you some of the changes I'd like to make and any progression in previous resolutions I want to implement. 

How do you feel with the start of 2019? Are there any changes you're thinking of making over this next year? 
Happy New Year!
Sarah x

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