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24 Jan 2019

Feel like it's about time I share with you some of my favourites in the world of books, music and TV...


Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata
As I slowly get back into reading this year, this was the first book I picked up. It follows a lady who works at a convenience store while her friends and people around her get married and settle down she carries on working there. With the pressures that she must follow suit, she tries to come to an arrangement that will make help her live this "normal life".

This is definitely not one that everyone will like but as a short read I did enjoy it and finished it quickly. I felt it had a similar tone to Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine; one of my favourite books from last year. For a short book, it definitely also has levels relating to society's ideas of what women should be doing as well as what everyone should be up to at certain stages in their lives.  However, these norms aren't for everyone. It was a quick read and I'm not sure I got everything out of it that I could so I think I'll be giving this a re-read later this year. It's actually also my first ever (I think) translated book and it's encouraged me to pick up other translated work this year. 

I'm currently reading "13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl" and "The Last Children of Tokyo". If you want to keep up with more bookish things, follow my goodreads. 


Everyone's been raving about this but I went into it with quite low expectations thinking it was quite over hyped. However, I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed it. The way you end up actually liking the bad guy is quite worrying almost and I felt guilty for doing so. It was a really well filmed and written series. While the end hinted at a second season and as much I enjoyed the first season, I almost feel like it might spoil the impact of the first. Having said that, if a second season was to happen, of course I'd give it a watch. 

Sex Education
I feel like we've been missing a show like this. If you like anything like My Mad Fat Diary, I would give this ago. It includes topics in a way that I think many shows have been afraid to in the past. I haven't laughed out loud at a TV show in quite a while but I couldn't stop myself at points throughout this; the characters were likeable and the British humour made it a great watch. As well as making me burst out laughing, it had me close to tears in parts and, to me, if a show can do both it's a great show that's worth the watch. 


RM // Mono

This mixtape or, what he calls "playlist" has got me through my revision. Such chilled music that has been great in the background. RM, or Kim Namjoon, is a rapper in the KPOP band BTS. Now, before you dismiss it right here and now, I suggest going away giving it a listen and look at the translated lyrics. It's such a beautifully written mixtape that he wrote and produced himself. This man's got so much talent and I still can't stop listening to his mixtape. 


This is another artist that have been listening to repeatedly. Such easy going songs with a range of more upbeat and slower ones, the music is great to have on in the background as I walk or listen to as I walk to lectures. 

Orange Playlist

Of course, I have to plug my Spotify Playlist. My Orange Playlist is basically my current playlist of songs I find myself listening to regularly. It's constantly updated and changed so if you want a taste of the varied taste I have, go give it a listen! 

So, there's a little update of what I've read, watched and been listening to! Do you have any recommendations of what I should check out next? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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