20 Sept 2018

Some days more than others you have a list as long as your arm but feel like you haven't got enough time to get it all done. Here's how I find I can tick off all on my to-do list and have a productive day.


I've said it before in my "HOW I RESET" but having a clean workspace works wonders for your motivation to get stuff done. Before I go to sleep, I make sure all my work from the day before is tidied away and my floor is clean of clothes that have somehow ended up there. Before I go to sleep I use the app MinimaList which I mentioned in my "GREAT APPS FOR STUDENTS" to write down any jobs, little or small, I need to get done the next day. I check against my planner to make sure I remember any appointments etc.. This means I can go to bed not worrying that I'll forget to do something tomorrow. It allows me to give myself an idea of what I need to get done the next day already. 

Make sure you get an early(ish) night. Of course, if there's something you want to watch on TV don't not watch it but try not to stay up until 3am aimlessly scrolling down the Instagram Explore page watching videos of how to magically get out stains with toothpaste. 


While some people like to wait up at the crack of dawn, I'm one of the late risers who would rather savour the warmth of a bed than wake up early. But by doing this I just write the morning off and start in the afternoon which I know isn't making the most of the day. Now, when I know I need to have a productive day, finding a happy medium works best. 8am is a good time for me to be awake, have a few minutes on my phone and get ready for the day. This means you still have four hours to dedicate to your to-do list that morning. I usually start with the one-minute jobs; get the bitty stuff out the way so you're not thinking about them later. I find the more I get done in the morning, the more I feel motivated to get everything continue after lunch and have everything done by the end of the day. 


I find planning my meals into my day helps add a little more structure. Knowing when I'll be having breakfast, lunch and tea helps me plan around those times and can make sure I keep those times free for well-deserved breaks. I am a serial snacker and so there's no chance that I won't be forgetting to eat but, for some, I know that stress and a heavy workload can cause people to feel they don't have time to eat. By using meal times to act as a break can help with making sure you're not hungry through the day. Also making sure you've eaten can help you feel more full and focus on getting your work done and you're not distracted by your rumbling stomach 


Don't panic. Yes you may have a lot to do but trying to juggle three things at once never ends well and, whenever I try this, I end up in a worse state than when I started. Focus on one task at a time and once it's finished tick it off and move on. Before you know it you'll be halfway through your list and you'll be on the home stretch. 


We're all human and so no one is expected to complete 20 tasks in a day. Be realistic with your goals and know your limits; trying to do too much will burn you out and you'll dread the next time you have a lot of work you need to catch up on. If you don't complete all the tasks you wanted to, don't worry; prioritise them as the first thing you do tomorrow. 

Don't feel bad for having time off; you've had a full day and you deserve to treat yourself. For me, I try to get everything completed before tea and then will sit with my housemates and relax for the evening or maybe meet up with some other friends during a break in the day. What I've learnt is that you don't have to sacrifice your social life for the sake of a few things. You should be happy with all you've done and given yourself a well-deserved break.

I hope this little insight into how I have a productive day come in handy for you. How do you stay motivated to be productive?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

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