15 Sept 2016

The countdown til my first year at uni starting is well and truly underway and while I still have couple of weeks to prepare myself, I know a lot of you will be going back to and maybe even starting college if you decided to and so I thought I'd share with you some tips for surviving college. 


I remember someone saying this after they were asked to give one piece of advice to a first-year student and while, sadly, that's impossible, you can at least start now. Especially if you struggle remembering information or take a bit longer getting to grips with the topic, I'd suggest doing what I did and after each lesson or each week start putting together your own kind of revision textbook then. Then, when it comes to the start of exams the pressure to revise should be less and it will be more recapping. If you want more revision tips, I did a whole series of post that you can find here.


I remember people thinking the late starts and early finishes were great and even being able to take days off without the college really knowing was great but, if your college is like mine, they are still on you for attendance just like (if not worse) than high school. By making sure you're in as much as possible, you not only not annoying your teachers but making the most of the two years. 


I'm not one to talk on this one really as while I did get into college early even if I didn't have a lesson till dinner, I did spend quite a few free periods just giggling with friends or watching pointless youtube videos. While that's fun at the time, when it came close to exams, I was annoyed at myself for not using those free periods properly. 


This is another I didn't really use until it was a little late. I would always tell a teacher if I was confused but wouldn\t really want extra help outside of the classroom. However, nearing my final exams, my teachers were more than happy to sit down with me and go over areas I struggled on. While some teachers aren't always the most reluctant to do this, if they want you to get the grades they will and if they say they're too busy go to someone else in the department whether you know them or not- someone will help you. 


College was, amongst the stressful times, two years I really enjoyed and I think it's only fair to suggest that you do the same. By scheduling deadlines homework, you can make sure you have time to enjoy time with friends during the week as well as the weekends. College exposed me to some great times and opportunities so I think you should definitely be on the lookout to do the same. 

So there are just a few tips that I hope you find helpful for going to college and even high school.

Are you going to college? Are you off to university like me? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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