2 Aug 2016

  1. Fruit Picking. You can then make jams, cakes etc.
  2. Picnics- a blanket and a packet of crisps would surfice
  3. Build a fort
  4. BBQs- just fingers crossed for good weather.
  5. Start an art journal 
  6. Write, write, write
  7. Blog, blog, blog maybe join me with BEDA?
  8. Go to the coast
  9. See what exhibitions are on there'll always be something on locally
  10. Go to a festival- music, food, local etc
  11. Read! Take part in a readathon or even start a book club with your friends
  12. Have a clear out; I always feel better after this
  13. Take a walk to somewhere new even if it is just to collect Pokemons
  14. Explore your city there's some hidden gems in any city
  15. Explore the countryside
  16. Crazy golf
  17. Lazer quest 
  18. Harry Potte marathon or another big movie franchise whatever you fancy but nothing beats HP.
  19. Play some tennis; most towns have public courts at a park
  20. Bike ride
  21. Plan a road trip
  22. Host a Bake Off
  23. Do your own Come Dine With Me
  24. Watch the sunrise and set
  25. Go Bowling - a personal favourite of mine
  26. Movie Nights are great nights. Make some popcorn, surround yourself with pillows and blankets are you're sorted. 
  27. Go camping even if it's in your back garden
  28. Have a waterfight
  29. Go to the fair
  30. Geocaching. Download the app and see what hidden treasure is near you. 
So there are just 30 little easy ideas to fill the rest of your summer days with. I'm definitely going to use this as a summer bucket list and see how many I can do. 
What's on your summer bucket list?
Hope you're doing great,
Happy Beda day 2,
Sarah x

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