1 Apr 2016

So I hope you've been enjoying this revision week. I'm sorry I could post yesterday and it's with the good excuse that I was too busy revising that I didn't have time write the post and re draft so instead I decided to just skip a day but it's the last day of this little mini series and I come to share with you something I always love sharing with you and that's a playlist. And, of course, sticking to the theme, it's my revision playlist. At the moment it's 20 songs that I think are the perfect revision songs that won't send you to sleep but also won't cause you to get distracted and spend the day singing and dancing a long.

You can find the playlist over on my Spotify  where there's other playlist you can have a listen to.

So I'd love to know your thoughts on this revision week and if they were something that interested you if not please be honest about it! 
Do you have a any last minute revision words of wisdom?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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