4 Dec 2015

I'm sure we've all uttered the words "OMG THIS MY JAAAM!" or something along those lines at least once in our life. Certain songs, I feel, become apart of me and whenever it comes on I have no control over the horrific singing that comes out of my mouth or sometimes the terrible dance moves that accompany. Songs act as keys to memories- a song comes on and you immediately transported to a place where you remember hearing that song or a memories it reminds you of. Songs I've listened to, some of them, I've added my own story on to them.

You Found Me // The Fray

I went through a bad time a few years back. I never exactly told you what was going. I was embarrassed I guess but then if you notice I was hinting- purposely dropping little clues for you to pick up. I knew you could see what was going on but it was like you were purposely weren't really looking. I always thought you'd be the one to help me and find my way back to my old self but I guess you weren't there in the way I hoped. You know I'm fine now, I know I'm fine now I just didn't realise I'd have to get through it without the support of the person I thought would be there. 

Saint Raymond // Movie In Mind

Some songs, like this one make me emotional and I know it's to do with the memory but, even with the mental cue of the song, I don't remember what it memory it really holds or maybe I do and I'm yet to come to terms with what it really does mean to me. 

Stitches // Shawn Mendes

So, I'm in my room it's midnight and I'm no where near tired. Everyone's asleep but I'm up and full of energy. I'm in the best mood I've been in a while and I'm on my own. What else is there to do but stick on a song, lip sync to a song and dance to a song? There's something that brings me joy when I do this. It's like I don't feel judged and I feel great alone.

How Deep Is Your Love // Calvin Harris

This song, to me, represents some great nights. Whenever it would come on everyone knew I would be first there singing along and trying to dance without a care in the world. It's the song that reminds me of all the great nights I've had with my friends.

Come On Eileen // Dexy's Midnight Runner

Every party this has to be on. What I feel as we stand in the circle together all singing every word in unison some with a slight slur to their words makes me feel so proud to call these people surrounding me, my friends. 

Music is something I can't go a day without and so they hold many memories; big or small and so there's even more stories with more songs in my mind.

Do you have a song that transports you to a certain place/time?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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