21 Jul 2015

I've never considered myself a spontaneous person. I'm a big planner and I usually am not comfortable with plans that were made just a few hour before they are about to take place. I think that can be applied to my blog really- every Monday and Thursday I will have a post up at 9am in the morning that I've written, re drafted, taken photos to accompany and then schedule.

Since starting my summer holidays, for the first time ever I have posts I've written that I just want to write and press publish on; I want to be spontaneous for once. That may seem slightly stupid but that's just what I want to do with a few posts I've written and awaiting publication over the coming weeks. 

Pre-planning posts was a God send during college time because I could write at the weekend and have it ready for the week ahead and not have to have that worry on my head along with coursework etc. There's a myth in blogging that scheduled posts aren't as good as posts that have been written and published right away because the writer loses the passion for the subject. I disagree mostly. To me, if the writer is passionate then that will come across no matter if they spontaneously write and publish or schedule; the passion will still come across. 

However, the passion can be lost when you're scheduling and publishing posts for the sake of scheduling and publishing. I've come to the realisation that you shouldn't force yourself to write a certain amount of posts in a week because something that you love and enjoy becomes a chore. I've found that my worst posts are those over structured and over planned because, in my case, those posts do lose their passion.

I would much rather write a post when I want to that has the aspect of spontaneity to it and, for me, that's when I write best- just like now. I find my blog's at my best when I'm putting out content I'm passionate about and I can tell the difference as to when I am wanting to write about something compared to when I'm doing it for the sake of giving you something to read and so if I can see, you probably can too. 

I've come to the conclusion that my posts are best when I write when I want; whether that is once a week or three times a week- I know I'll be putting out content that I enjoy making and don't feel the pressure of because one thing that puts me off undergoing a task is pressure, usually put on by myself, but the pressure to do a monthly round up puts me off carrying on that feature and it's the same with other aspects of my blog. 

For me I find a happy median between scheduling and spontaneity. From now on I've decided that I will write when I want and if I feel like it's something I want to publish right then or tomorrow then I will or I will schedule it for the end of the week. After summer, I might end up going back to a schedule but I'm hoping my passion from the spontaneous writing carries on because I love it when I am passionate and spontaneous with my writing. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on this!
Sarah x

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