28 May 2015

There have been points in my reading time that I've declared a book my favourite or one of and after being consumed with so many new and amazing books, you sadly forget them but I don't want to forget them and so I thought I'd share four of the books that I have once loved and still loved but had just forgotten even though they have played apart in shaping my reading interests and love for reading as a whole.

Noughts & Crosses // Malorie Blackman
This was the book where, I think, my love for reading really grew. It was a set text back when I was in Year 9 and I remember loving the novelty of having different perspectives which was something I'd never seen in a book before. I also loved how Black where supreme over White which, from history, we no has not been the case and so it shows how life might have been in life was the other way round. After reading this in class, I went he and read all the other three plus a short extract book that was a world book day book as well. I really do feel I should re read these books as well as telling you to at least read the first of the four if you haven't already. 

The Perks of Being A Wallflower // Stephen Chobosky
This was another significant book and this was the bok that acted as a door to the YA fiction heaven. It was the first book of its kind that I read and I remember being amazed at the topics it covered as, at that point in my life, a lot of those topics were, sadly not widely discussed and so reding this book really was a blessing with it tackling some unspoken issues. It encouraged me to go on and read more YA which is the genre I seem to most indulge in now still.

Looking For Alaska // John Green
This was actually the first book I ever reviewed on my blog which you can still read here even though it's not the best. This was the second John Green book I read after the usual first one of TFIOS and this quickly became my favourite. It had me in floods of tears at points even though I knew what was about to happen. If I'm completely honest, I can't remember a lot of this book because it's been so long but I remember declaring it my favourite John Green book. I've forgotten so much of this favourite that I will no doubt be giving this a reread soon. 

Ketchup Clouds // Annabel Pitcher
This was a book I spotted just after it had been released and was immediately drawn to the plot being about a girl sending letters to a man on death row and telling the story about how she thinks she is responsible for someone dying. It all sounded dark but the the tone of the book was very sweet and one that I really enjoyable. While it did take quite a dramatic change in tone, from what I can remember, I still really did enjoy it and I think part of the reason was because I'd picked it up to read when no one else was really talking about it and so it felt like my own little secret book but no I really do suggest picking this up if you're into YA as probably mos of you are. 

So there are just four forgotten favourites that I felt needed to be given a little more credit on my blog. Do you have any forgotten favourites?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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