A Round of APPlause.

6 Feb 2014

There are so many apps out there that can stop a stream of boredom or are great in certain situations so I thought I'd choose some of my favourite apps for many different things such as games, reading etc. (shout out to the huge scratch on my iPod screen.

1. WattPad.
Maybe if you're on a spending ban or just want something different to read, Wattpad is perfect! It gives you free books written by unpublished authors. This is great to discover new stories and maybe even get inspiration for your own writing. To start off with, it can be quite tedious trying to find a book perfect for you but once you've found a hidden gem it's great. Most of the authors also update it monthly so there's no pressure to read it all at once and it saves where you've left off the last time you've read!

2. Bloglovin'.
How could I not include this! It's the perfect way to keep up to date with your favourite bloggers and I find the layout perfect! It also love how you can like posts also see 'friend activity' of what blogs you follow have been loving and could really help you to discover new blogs. I don't know where I'd be without Bloglovin' (even though it's not been working for the pat few weeks but we won't dwell on that).

3. Wondercorn.
This was a game created by the amazing Wonder Forest. When I first downloaded this game, I couldn't really get into it as it was ridiculously hard but when I rediscovered I really got to into and I've got to say, it's very addictive!

4. Instagram.
I absolutely love Instagram as you might be able to tell seeing as I have two accounts! It's such a great way to display your life in pictures and I just love how you can find inspiration or just amazing looking photos!

5. Pinterest.
Speaking of inspiration, this has been the website I've turned to for inspiration for my art. It's been better seeing as my school have their own art Pinterest! You can type anything and they'll be pictures that will be perfect for you. I also love how you split your pins up into boards and categorise them. I like because it keeps thing neat!

Of course, there's a lot more apps that I love but these are just a few of my favourites so maybe I'll do a second part to this post? Let me know what you think and some of your favourite apps!
Hope you're ok,

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