We Sleep Alone.

8 Feb 2013

So yes, on the 25th January, Two door cinema club returned to Manchester for their Beacon tour at the Manchester Apollo. This was the day after my birthday so it was belated birthday celebrations. It was the first time at the Manchester Apollo so i was quite anxious about the whole situation and to make things alot easier for myself I bought seat tickets rather than standing. I thought i would be able to see the people standing as i feel it actually adds to the atmosphere but it didn't bother me too much but made me wish i'd bought standing tickets.
The first support Swim Deep opened the show well. I felt they didn't have much stage presence but the lead singer said 'cheers' like 'chiz' which somewhat intrigued me.They were really good and since I've seen them i have listened to them through Youtube.
 Following them was Bastille. When i found out they were supporting I was over the moon as they are probably up there with my favourite bands. As i expected, they were amazing especially their performances of 'of the night' and 'Icarus'. Everything about the way they perform was amazing and people seemed to be getting more involved than with the other support act and the whole atmosphere grew louder and louder. Unfortunately, their set was quite short which was disappointing but it also got me psyched up for when two door came on to perform.
It was now time for Two door cinema club. When the waiting had ended the whole concert was unbelievable. Everyone was up and jumping staring with sleep alone.

  1. Sleep Alone
  2. Undercover Martyn
  3. Do you Want It All?
  4. This is the life
  5. Wake up
  6. You're not stubborn
  7. Settle 
  8. Sun 
  9. Pyramid
  10. I can talk
  11. Costume Party
  12. The world is watching
  13. Next year
  14. Something good can work
  15. Handshake
  16. Eat that up, it's good for you
  17. (Encore)Someday
  18. (Encore) Come back home
  19. (Encore) What you know

I am hoping that I will be going to alot more Concerts in the following year.

Thankyou for reading!

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