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Telling my readers, yourself, a little bit about myself is one of my downfalls as over the 2+ years I've been blogging I've failed to tell you a little bit about myself. This is mainly because I hate describing myself but also because I've never felt the  need to so here I thought I would just fill you in on the basics about myself as well as a few little bits about my blog.
 I'm Sarah and I'm 17 years old from Manchester. I'm currently studying my AS Levels at college in Psychology, Sociology, English Combined and Photography. When I'm not at college I'm at home in my room either reading a good book, writing or binge watching films and rubbish TV series. I am also a bigger lover of music and you're most likely to find my with my earphones in listening to a wide variety of music. 
As for my blog, I posts Mondays and Thursdays at around 10:00 am. I try my best to stick to this schedule but please don't hate me if I miss a day; I probably have a good excuse (that's a skill I have-making up good excuses!)
The content of my blog is varied and I don't want you my readers to expect any certain type of post from me each week; I tend to blog what I feel and hope that you'll like it! Having said this, if there is anything you'd like me to feature on my blog drop a comment as I read them all or an email.
If you're interested my blog name is simply my first and middle name Sarah Elizabeth but I shortened it to Eliza. 
I am a PR friendly blogger and have full disclosure about sponsored posts. If you want to read a bit more about this, visit my PR & Disclaimer page. 

I'm thinking of adding a FAQ to this page so if you have any questions about anything please let me know via social media or my email:
Feel free to email me about anything; post requests, feedback, help, want to do a guest post or a collab post; even if you're just wanting a chat I'm always checking my emails!

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