Keeping Kind This Winter

9 Dec 2020 United Kingdom

There is no doubt that this year has been tough and this winter will be like no other we’ve had before. This year has been challenging for many reasons but taking some time to celebrate and support your friends and family is one way we can try and stay positive this winter. Here are just some ways you can do this.

Support small and local businesses

Businesses have truly been hit by this year’s events as well as more people relying on their side hustle to bring in an income. It’s the perfect time to shop small - whether it’s a family friend or someone you’ve just seen online, why not buy your presents from them this year? Buy your Christmas cards from an Etsy seller, had an IG account bookmarked that you've been meaning to buy from? Now is the time! 

This year has hit everyone so if aren't able to buy their products, even just liking their posts and photos on social media, sharing their site with friends, they will truly appreciate it this year more than ever.

Extend your Christmas card list this year

Whether they are a close friend, an old friend, someone you’ve lost touch with, I’m sure they will appreciate the card to let them know you’re thinking of them - I know they will love this. If you’re not usually one to send cards, maybe this year is the year!

Keep on zooming! 

It can be exhausting and it can get old but winter opens up a whole host of new things you can do on zoom! Stream a festive film together, host a Christmas quiz, play an online game together (Pictionary is a fab one!). It's a great way to keep in contact and for those who live alone, they will be thankful that you took the time to chat.

Be charitable and help the vulnerable

Buy your wrapping paper from a charity (Oxfam are always great for cards, paper and even more!) donate to Crisis to buy a Christmas dinner to the homeless, donate items for Christmas presents or donate food to your local food bank. These small acts will be making someone’s year!

I'm actually hosting a fundraiser in support of Macmillan Cancer Support at the moment. If you have a spare pound or two, I would love your support! I have some fun things you can buy for your donation as well. Head to my JustGiving page for more details. 

Be kind to yourself! 

Don't pressure yourself to do too much, take things slow, do what you enjoy and remember to take time for yourself. Whether it's watching your favourite film, going for a walk or having those extra few hours in bed, make sure you're looking after yourself!

Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

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