How to Set Effective Goals for 2021

4 Dec 2020 United Kingdom

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As we pass through one year into another at a sped that I could never imagine (like seriously, where has this year gone?), it's time to start looking towards next year. It's that time of year where we start to set new year's resolutions, goals for the next 12 months and it's easy to get swept up in wanting to start a brand new year tackling all the goals at once. But, this can lead to you feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and actually demotivated. Today, I thought I'd share some times on how to set effective and attainable goals for the next year! 

Break it down

If you have some big goals for the year, amazing! How can you break them down into manageable chunks? How can you split yours into simple tasks instead of trying to do everything all at once? Split that yearly goal up into monthly goals, even weekly and daily tasks that you can tick off. They may be small steps but slowly but surely you'll be working towards your end goal. 

Factor in the 'BAU'

BAU, the 'Business as Usual', can be easy to forget but the everyday tasks that take time away from your projects but need to be done. Don't forget about these! as you plan your week, add these in where possible. If they have set times, add them into your calendar first, next add an allotted time to tackle the other must-do items. Now, split out the rest of your time; add a note for your daily and weekly goals to help you reach the end goal. 

Know your limits

I've definitely been caught by this! It's easy to get wrapped up in the amazing idea and want to complete a project ASAP but mahoosive thing called life tends to get in the way. It can put a few blockers in the way to give you time to focus. What's important is when you do have the time to focus on your goals, that you still have to breath and reset - you don't need to be working on something 24/7 to make it a reality. 

Review your goals

It's normal to set yourself a goal at the start of the year, only for your priorities to shift once or twice throughout the next 12 months. Whether you're not progressing the way you envision, or your plan has changed - that's completely fine! The good time about setting your own goals is that they are your own goals. You can change them, adapt them, completely scrap them if that's what you feel is right. 

Even if you're on track to reach your goals, keeping track and reviewing your progress a few times over the year gives you a chance to take a step back, see the great things you've accomplished as well as adjust things, when you think it is necessary. Celebrate the progress you've made however small! 

Goal setting with Mäl Paper
Mäl Paper is made for the goal-getters, the planners, the organisers. The do goal setting right! From monthly spreads to daily breakdowns, their daily goal setter journal helps you plan the day-to-day the right way. 

I love that their planner includes a section to add your most important task each month followed by those of secondary importance - I haven't seen this in a planner before and it's a fab feature! 

The daily goal setter planner does more than just help you work towards your goals. The day-to-day spreads have room for you do reflect on your day - add positive affirmations, write what you're grateful for, add one thing each day that made your day great. 

It's such a lovely planner and definitely one to give a go in 2021. You can pick up their undated goal-setter planner over at

How do you set your goals? 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

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