Creative Ways to Make Money at Home

9 Oct 2020 United Kingdom

There are so many amazing ways you can start making money RIGHT NOW, and so many creative ways to make money at home - some you can start straight away and some that may require a bit of investment in planning and get set up but are sure to be a way you enjoy making a little extra money on the side or even turn into your full-time job. Here are just a few ways! 

Write & sell articles

This one I can definitely back! In my final year of university and even during my internship, I was writing articles for people on the side. Such a great way of doing something I loved while gaining experience and pocketing a little extra cash in the meantime. I made most of my sales through Fiverr but picked up a few regular clients that I worked with regularly and could slowly increase my rate as I gained more experience. 

you could also skip the middle ma and sell your articles straight to websites and magazines. If you have your own fun, unique ideas then why not go for it? It might take some time to build up the experience and confidence in such a competitive field but give it a go! 

Sell products from home

Places like Avon and The Body Shop in the UK have schemes where you sell their products in order to make a commission. If you're a beauty lover and enjoy socialising and meeting new people, this is a fab way of making some money. If you're up for putting some work into getting started, then try it out. 

Sell secondhand items

Old clothes lying around? Books collecting dust never to be read? Sell them! Ebay, Depop - there's so many great platforms to allow you to do this with ease. If you already have a following on Instagram, why not try it through there? All you need is a PayPal account and some old things worth selling to give this a go. 

Sell your photos

If you're already a photography enthusiast or an Instagram wiz, this should be pretty easy to get started! Build up a portfolio of existing photos and new shots. Brands are always looking for UGC content so why not see if you can help out? Drop them a message and see if you can do anything for them! There is also website out there where you can sell your photos to be turned into prints or sell to brands for them to use themselves. Have a search and see what you can do! 

Dog walking

Get paid to be around the happiest, fluffiest animals? Yes please! Ask around your neighbourhood, see if there's anyone needing a hand keeping their fluffy one entertained. It might be a challenge to start but word of mouth will help you with this one. It will be really rewarding in the end! 

Make & sell homemade goods

Turn your hobby into your side hustle. If you knit or sew, why not sell your finished garments or patterns. Are you an artsy person? Create beautiful digital prints for others to buy and print at home. you don't need much to get this business going? 

Are you a baker? Why not create bakes to sell and deliver in your local area. This one is sure to be a hit! 

What do you think of these ideas? Let me know! 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

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