Why I'm Still Blogging 8 Years On

21 Aug 2020 United Kingdom

After reading Daisy Butter’s post Why I still blog 10 years on, I realised that it’s been 8 years since I opened blogspot and set up my first blog. At first, a place to share my own thoughts and feelings - my online journal - turned comfort zone to share my loves, advice, inspiration. It’s definitely had some transformations over the 8 years I’ve been blogging, some years posting a handful of posts, others filled with consistent updates. But, at the heart of it, I think the reasons I blog have stayed the same. I thought I’d share just a few of the reasons with you today, whether you’re in a blogging rut or looking to start a blog yourself, these are just a few reasons I still continue to share on my little cosy corner of the internet. 

The love of writing 

The strongest reason - whether it’s long-form pieces like I used to or more fun posts I share more recently, writing about the things I love - there’s nothing like it! I always loved to write and in a slightly narcissistic way, I always wanted to share “my story” - yes, the extremely mundane life of Sarah. It really is a diary to me and it’s amazing that people want to hear me babble on about books, hear about my time at university and what I learnt and how I’ve been adjusting to life in London. My posts might not always be the most well-formed, grammatically correct pieces of literature but it’s what I enjoy writing and sharing. It’s been the same since day one and still to this day. 

The experience 

I always wanted in some way for my job to include writing. A job filled with the tap, tap, tap of a keyboard or countless drafts in notebooks. Blogging has taught me more than anywhere else the skills I need for my current full-time job. It’s the extra thing I add to my CV that never feels like it deserves to be there because blogging was what I love to do in my spare time, not something I did to add something extra to my experience. But, it has opened doors to careers I didn’t think would be possible! 

The creative freedom 

A blog really is a passion project and you can make it what you want. There are endless possibilities to where I can take my content and that excites me, it keeps it fresh and interesting. I’ve constantly changed the posts I share - from beauty reviews way back in the day (what was I thinking?) to books to I guess where we are now - a little bit of everything! I don’t feel constrained to a niche or a certain way of thinking and writing when it comes to a post; I share what I want and what I think others will want to read and, if they don’t, I still had lots of fun producing the post! 

The community

I’ll be honest, it’s far from perfect. I’ve shared some honest opinions about the blogging community in the past. But, no one is perfect and having a supportive group of bloggers who can relate to what you do, appreciate the lengths you can go to to get a post out, it really is appreciated. Even 8 years on, the notification of a new comment on a post makes me smile. Even just a like or a share is really why I keep sharing the posts that I do! 

There really is something fun about having a blog and I urge anyone out there thinking of giving it a go too, just do it! You never know how much you'll love it. 

If you have a blog, how long have you been blogging for?
Hope you're doing great, 

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