A Skincare Detox

4 Feb 2020

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It was at the end of last year that I shared how I was streamlining my life - focussing on only products I need and basically just cutting out all the crap. This included skincare as well. I went through a period of constantly trying new products for my skin but I've realised that what my skin needs is a simple streamlined everyday routine with the basics that are gentle and all-round good products for my skin. 

I thought I'd share with you the products that I have kept in my simple skincare routine that are gentle and have really helped to clear up my skin in a more natural way without any harsh treatments and has helped bring some life back to my skin. 

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Balm Make up Remover

This has always been my go-to, favourite makeup remover. So easy to apply and work into my skin to remove makeup. With little fragrance it doesn't irritate my skin and, even alone, leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. This is the makeup remover that I constantly go back to. While it may seem to require a little more effort than a cotton pad and micellar water, I find this does a much more thorough job while also producing a lot less waste! This along with a muslin cloth will be a pair I will be forever using. 

The Body Shop Aloe Cream Cleanser

This is by far the softest, most gentle cleanser I've used. It's fragrance-free and, while I sometimes feel the need for something a little more abrasive to clear any spots, this manages to still leave my skin feeling clean and help clear up a spot in a more natural way with no harsh treatments needed. 

Instead of confusing my skin by picking up a different spot treatment, I've just stuck with using this after removing my makeup and it seems to keep my spot at bay while still leaving my skin clean without feeling stripped of natural oils. 

Pixi Glow Tonic Glycolic Acid

I gave into the hype. I previously used The Ordinary Glycolic Acid (a great affordable alternative that I've shared my love for before) but after I forgot about that product during last year and then received the Pixi Glow tonic for Christmas, I've loved having this in my routine and remembered why glycolic acid works great for my skin. 

This is probably the harshest and most fragrant product I use on my skin but it doesn't seem to irritate my skin too harshly and actually helps with my skin's overall texture without drying it out. The Ordinary Glycolic acid is a perfect affordable version of this but I find this one leaves my skin feeling that extra bit nicer, softer and cleaner. Just a bit of this on a reusable cotton pad across my face is a great addition to my skincare. 

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Moisturiser & Eye Cream

I love the whole of this range from Superdrug ever since I first tested out some of the products. I particularly love the night cream at the moment as it really helps rehydrate my face before bed. Their 2 in 1 moisturiser and serum is also the perfect day moisturiser for me - not overly greasy but hydrating enough to be applied under my make up. 

Finally, their eye cream isn't something I notice a difference when using but it's still a step I try and include just for that extra moisture and this is the perfect light under eye cream I could use. 

Apart from the odd face mask or exfoliate here or there, these are the products I've focused my attention on using. After years of confusing my skin with different products, this small number of skincare items make for the perfect simple, streamlined skincare routine. 

What are some of your favourite skincare products? 
Hope you're doing great,

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