I seem to have become the queen of blogging breaks. While most of these breaks are never intentional and are mostly due to life being life and getting in the way, after each break, I always come back ready to get creating content again. I'm definitely an advocate for not over-doing it with blogging and to regularly take a step back and enjoy everything else. So, today I thought I would share with you some of the benefits I think there are to taking a break from blogging every once in a while.


While blogging is always fun, you can definitely start to feel pressured to post regularly. When you start to run out of ideas or energy to blog, it can cause you to fall out of love with it all and, honestly, the reader can tell. By giving yourself some time to forget about the blogging world, it can really help you to relax. There is probably other stresses going on in your life such as work or uni and so putting blogging on the back burner can help you focus your attention on those which will benefit you in the long run. 


Blogging without a break can really cause you start resenting your blog but, when taking a break, I always realise how much I miss it. Putting my energy into sharing something I love is something I don't think I could get tired of. It's nice to have some time to go back and look at old posts, laugh at your terrible grammar and photography skills and also enjoy seeing how much content you have created. It's such a great motivator for making me want to continue writing more. 


This is a big one for me as well. Looking back at the content I've created and deciding which parts I love to write, which bits not so much as well as what the people reading also seem to love. It gives me some direction as to where to head with blogging when I start back up again. The break really gets me ready and excited to start writing new content that I may have not tried before. 


Now this is the fun part. You come back to blogging and now is the time to switch things up if you fancy. For me, I love being able to come back and offer something new. While taking a break, it doesn't mean I've stopped thinking of ideas and now I'm excited to share them with everyone. I find that my best ideas come to me when I'm not expecting them. Still keeping track of any blog ideas is always helpful when it comes to writing content again. It can actually lead me to posting even more than I did before as I've stopped forcing myself for writing for the sake of it but now writing about new things that I'm so excited to share. 

So if you're a blogger reading this and having the realisation it's been a while since you last took a break from your blog, maybe take this as a reminder that you deserve some time off. Not only this but taking a break really does have its benefits. 

When was the last time you took a break from blogging? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

Here's a few beauty items I've been loving recently and I think you will too. 


This product was kindly gifted to me by an old friend who has created her own range of products aimed at targeting redness and dry skin as it was something she struggled with throughout high school. I was so excited to give her products a go as they use all-natural ingredients as well as being cruelty free. I love all the products in the range but especially the hand cream. It's got such a fresh lemon scent and it leaves my hands feeling lovely and moisturised. I've actually also been applying it to eczema patches on the tops of my arms and I've really felt a difference so it definitely goes beyond just being your average hand cream. If you're someone who has dry hands and redness or knows someone who does, they do gift sets with all the essentials which make a perfect Christmas addition. You can visit her website here


This was actually the result of falling for some Instagram advertising but I'm so glad I discovered this brand. It's a monthly razor subscription where, each month, you receive a new set of razor heads so that you're constantly stocked up. Not only is it super efficient and easy to sign up, but the razor heads along with the rose gold handle I chose, are a real treat. This is probably my favourite razor I've used as it really glides along the skin and, since using it, I have had no sign of cutting while shaving or in-grown hairs. What is also great is how easy it is to cancel, postpone a month if you're stocked up or switch your razors for one of the beauty products they offer. I already have their pre-shave scrub and post-shave balm and I love them all. This is a subscription that I think is really worth it and I think I'll be using it for the foreseeable future. 


While, sadly, there has been the news of The Ordinary and Deciem shutting down, there is still The Ordinary products floating around the online retailers. If there's one thing I'd try your best to get your hands on it is this Glycolic Acid Toner that I previously mentioned in my EVENING SKINCARE ROUTINE. It's been great at keeping spots at bay as well as helping with any hyper pigmentation or texture-issues I've been having. I'm already half way through my bottle so I'll definitely be trying to pick up another bottle before they all sell out. 


I have had a long loving relationship with the Barry M Gelly Shine nail varnishes and I thought it's time to reiterate my love for them. After picking up one of the shades for my friend for her birthday to only borrow it off so many times we've collectively nearly finished the bottle in a month, I thought it was time to pick up my own. The shade we both loved is called "Nutmeg" and it's the perfect muted pink-nude which is great all year round for an everyday nail. When picking this up I couldn't help but also fall for the shade "Rhubarb" which is a gorgeous autumnal colour that I was definitely missing. Another new favourite is their "Ginger" which is more of a rust colour which is another great one for autumn/winter. The formula is just amazing and is pretty long wearing with, as the name suggests, a great shine. As an extra bonus that I've also recently discovered is that they are also vegan!


If you saw my previous "10 WAYS TO CUT DOWN WASTE", while I've always been careful about the waster I create, I am making even more of a conscious effort. One thing I love about this faith deodorant is the idea of the packaging; instead of wasting the whole deodorant container you can buy refills of the roll on to help cut down waste just that little more. While it's not the most effective and strong deodorant, if you just need a little protection it's a great one to try; with all natural ingredients and scents, it's definitely worth a go. 

So there's a little about some of the products I've been loving lately. Have you got any recommendations for me to try this month? 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

Products marked * have been kindly gifted to me. However all opinions remain my own. 
Some links used in this post are affiliate links. Again, all opinions remain my own. 

If you haven't read on the news you may have missed the reported 'climate catastrophe' that is going on (if you want to read more about this the full article is here). It has basically been found that climate change is happening at a much faster rate than anyone imagined and it's not good. While a lot of the action needed to be taken relies on the government funding and supporting alternative methods for energy, a lot of it also relies on ourselves. As a university student there are little changes that I've tried to make in order to be a little more eco-friendly. Today, i thought I would share these with you for if you are a uni student or if you're looking for some little ways to contribute to the reduction of global warming. 

1. Reusable Cups and Tupperware. 
I have made myself a promise that, instead of wasting money one one-use coffee cups, I'm only allowed to treat myself to a coffee or hot chocolate on campus if I remember my reusable mug. I got mine from Amazon (similar here) and it's a great size. A little bonus for bringing your own mug is that many places offer you a discounted drink if you use this.
I've also decided to ditch the one use plastic bags to freeze leftovers and to now on just use Tupperware. This also includes for lunches; investing in a small lunch box, in the long run, is so much cheaper than continually buying little sandwich bags. 

2. Always have a bag handy
You never know when you're going to nip to the shop and end up picking up more than you can carry. Keep a small tote bag inside your bigger bag or one of the nifty fold-up ones means that you're not having to buy a plastic bag that you're probably going to use a few times but it's going to end up breaking anyway. Having a little reusable bag for life is another small investment that you will thank yourself for having in the long run.

3. Meal Plan + Prep
We're all human and so buying too much food or having leftovers that will just go to waste can be a regular occurrence. To try and cut this down, I've made more of a conscious effort to plan my meals ahead of time and, if anything needs to be frozen before it goes out of date, to make sure it's done. Not only does this save money but it means there's less waste at the end of the week from food you've not had time to use or you bought too much of.

4. Cut down meat and dairy consumption.
While I would love to be able to commit to vegetarianism in the future, right now I'm trying my best by only eating meat once or twice a week with the rest of the time opting for vegi alternatives. Not only is this cheaper but I also feel a lot healthier by doing this. If you're starting out and want to make an effort ever little helps; whether it's just one day a week you don't eat meat or you decide to swap cow's milk for almond, it's still a great step that you'll thank yourself for later.

5. Ditch the plastic- buy loose veg. 
This is something I love to do. Being able to pick up your own vegetables and weigh them yourself takes me back to primary school and playing shops in reception. Except, now it's with real veg rather than plastic carrots. This one thing I've really focussed on recently and that's either taking my own reusable bags to buy my loose veg or just having loose as there's no harm in that either. I will also pick the loose veg over the packets where the option is available which helps stop me over buying as well as actually making my weekly shop cheaper.

6. Buy more locally sourced fruit and veg. 
Morrisons is my local supermarket at the moment and one thing I appreciate is their stand where you can pick up 6 eggs for £1 that are locally sourced. While I try and cut down the amount of eggs and dairy I'm having, I feel this is a better contribution than to buying supermarket's own eggs.
Most towns also have a great market and that's true of York. We have a great market with some really good fruit and veg stalls. This is something I'm trying to encourage myself to do more over the next few months to help support local business and pick this over more mass produced veg. 

7. Forget the tumble dryer and air dry clothes. 
While it's tempting to just shove your clothes in the tumble dryer, half the time it's not even dry after the time it's had so, instead, why not just air dry it. Yes, it takes longer but it's saving so much energy that could be used for things that need it more in the house. 

8. If you can, walk. If you can't, get the bus. 
This year I've realised how close my house is to the city centre and so instead of catching the bus for 5 minutes, I've been walking for 15 minutes which helps me get some fresh air and saves me money on a bus trip. When I'm going further a field I will get the bus but that's still better than driving. If you have a bike, why not cycle instead of driving. It's all good exercise and it's really helping in the effort to cut down energy. 

9. Save energy to save on your bills. 
It's something we get taught when we're really young but I'll be the first to admit it, it's something we all forget. The simple act of not leaving appliances on standby, turning off lights when you leave a room. It's little things that might slip your mind but making the conscious effort to do helps that little more. 

10. There's nothing wrong with second hand. 
Conscious shopping is something I'm interested in covering more on my blog in the future (if this is something you fancy a few posts on let me know!). I'm becoming more and more aware of how wasteful having so many clothes are and how un-environmentally friendly buying mass produced and fast fashion is. By buying from charity shops and second hand stores, you're not only may be giving a little to charity while getting some bargains, but it's also helping cut down the waste as many items of clothing that may have only been worn once are constantly going to waste.

Do you have any ways you try to be a little more eco-friendly? I'd love to know!
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

The last time I updated you on what I've been using daily for skincare, I think, was back nearly 2 years ago. If you want to see that, click here to read "CRUELTY FREE SKINCARE FAVOURITES". While I've shared with you some skincare products, I think a full evening routine on products is well over due and so I thought I'd share with you my recommendations today.


This is probably the one product that regularly changes but, at the moment, I've been reaching for The Good Things Acai Berry Micellar Water. Good Things was a brand I used to love back when my teenage skin would break out unbelievable amounts. Sadly, after stopping to be stocked in Boots, I had to try other things but after seeing this in my local Home Sense, I've fallen back in love with the range. It is quite a strong scented product but I love how fruity it is. Also, of course, it does the job of removing my make up. I usually use two cotton pads to remove the day's make up. 


In the same trip to Home Sense, I saw this Good Things Pore-Fectly Clear Charcoal Cleanser. While it wasn't the one I originally loved back in the day, it works just as well at removing any left over make up and other impurities. Since using this product daily, my skin has rarely broken out. It's a really good all round cleaner that's great for everyday use. 


Toner is always a step I tend to forget but after discovering The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution I haven't missed a day of toning. As per the instructions, I use this once per day usually at night before I apply any other serums or moisturiser. While it is effective, it does cause my skin to redden while it sinks in and can have a little stinging sensation. I have really noticed a change in the texture of my skin since introducing this into my evening skin care. It's also helping in reducing scarring on my face that I think is still there from when I was a teen. 

If I remember and if I feel I need it I also like to add a serum. My fail-safe is always The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalene. This just adds a little more hydration to my skin which my skin always could do with. 


Lastly, it's moisturiser and I usually just use my forever favourite Superdrug Naturally Radiant Day Cream which I've banged on about enough in the past. Instead, I thought I'd include a well-loved favourite that I spoke about a little in my "CRUELTY FREE BEAUTY: SKIN CARE SAVIOURS" a while ago. That is The Body Skip Sink-In Moisture Sleeping Mask. This is the most hydrating product I own and I know if I use this I will be waking up with perfectly hydrated skin in the morning. 

For me, this has been the best evening skincare routine that works for my skin. If you too have fairly combination skin with fairly dry skin, these products would be great for you. 
Do you have any skincare recommendations you'd like to share? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

*Some products linked in this post may be affiliate links. However, as always, all my opinions remain my own*

So you may have seen me mention that I've decided to stop posting my "RECENTLY READ" posts. After a few years of constantly reviewing every book I read I've kind of become unmotivated to post about books that I haven't enjoyed. Paired with the want to share more of the films and videos I've watched; articles and blogs I've read; podcasts and music I've been loving,  I thought I'd bring it all together. Every so often, I want to share with you all of these things and here is the first instalment in hopefully a line a posts that you can gain some fabulous recommendations from. 


This is one of the funniest books I've probably ever read. Hearing the stories that Kay experienced as a Junior Doctor has me in stitches. But, what I loved most about this book is you could be laughing one minute and ten seconds later almost crying at this doctor's experiences and the patients he encounters. This book is obviously intended to be funny but it has such an important message about how doctors in the UK are treated; worked to the bone and get little to no recognition to the good they do. It talks about the emotional and mental toll being a doctor takes on their health and how the support available to them is basically zero. From this book, I have an increased respect for the doctors who work within the NHS. It's a book I'd recommend anyone (who isn't too bothered about some slightly gross medical situations) to give this a read; you won't be disappointed. 

If you want to keep more up to date with the books I've been reading recently, head over to my good reads.


If you haven't been watching this six part series on the BBC, get yourself on iPlayer and give it a watch. It follows a man who is ex-army and has now been assigned as the Home Security's personal body guard. From the first 15 minutes of the first episode I was gripped and each episode brought more action and thrill that made a great storyline. With the finale just last week, I still can't stop expressing my love for this show to anyone I talk to. 

I've been following this YouTube channel for a while now and I thought it's time I try and encourage any of you to go and give it a watch. It's a channel dedicated to,  may be not surprisingly, Korea but is run by an English man who lived in Korea and wants to share his love with everyone. He's definitely done just that as I'm constantly wanting to try the Korean foods he shows in his videos and wanting to visit the places he suggests. Korea was a a country that I didn't really know too much about but this channel has really sparked an interest for me. 


I recently had a tidy up of my Spotify playlists and have decided to split them up by genre and give them a colour. My Orange playlist is dedicated to songs I'm currently loving, just released and ones I can't get out of my head. If you want to listen to that playlist or check out my others, see the link above!

Sam Fender is a singer I saw supporting "VANT" last year and since then I saw him at Community Festival over summer and have tickets to see him again in York at the end of October. I absolutely love his sound and his songs were always my option for when I would be walking home from work. His recent release "Dead Boys" is another good song which has received a lot of plays on Radio 1. It's a song about male suicide around where he lives and so it's a great song with great meaning. He recently did a small live set on Radio 1 so I'd recommend giving that a listen here if you're interested in hearing a bit about his music as well as his fabulous live vocals. 

I've been trying to get back into podcasts recently and this was one I stumbled across which is right up my street. It speaks about the cult that was Heaven's Gate who were a UFO religious group in the US. In 1997, police discovered the bodies of its members after they participated in the biggest mass suicide in US History. The podcast talks about the beliefs of the group and how they went from a small, harmless group to the change in belief that led to their mass suicide. I'm a few episodes in and I'm finding it so interesting especially learning about sects and cults similar to this in college a few years a go. What makes this podcast even more interesting is that the host was once in a cult himself and so he uses his experience to explain some of what happened as well as sharing how and why people get attractive to groups such as Heaven's Gate. 
If you're a fan of documentaries like Louis Theroux's scientology documentary I think this podcast may be one you like. I listen to it on Spotify but it can also be found on Stitcher and other platforms. 

Hope you liked these recommendations! Let me know if you've read, watched or listened to any of these, I'd love to know your thoughts on them. 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

Some days more than others you have a list as long as your arm but feel like you haven't got enough time to get it all done. Here's how I find I can tick off all on my to-do list and have a productive day.


I've said it before in my "HOW I RESET" but having a clean workspace works wonders for your motivation to get stuff done. Before I go to sleep, I make sure all my work from the day before is tidied away and my floor is clean of clothes that have somehow ended up there. Before I go to sleep I use the app MinimaList which I mentioned in my "GREAT APPS FOR STUDENTS" to write down any jobs, little or small, I need to get done the next day. I check against my planner to make sure I remember any appointments etc.. This means I can go to bed not worrying that I'll forget to do something tomorrow. It allows me to give myself an idea of what I need to get done the next day already. 

Make sure you get an early(ish) night. Of course, if there's something you want to watch on TV don't not watch it but try not to stay up until 3am aimlessly scrolling down the Instagram Explore page watching videos of how to magically get out stains with toothpaste. 


While some people like to wait up at the crack of dawn, I'm one of the late risers who would rather savour the warmth of a bed than wake up early. But by doing this I just write the morning off and start in the afternoon which I know isn't making the most of the day. Now, when I know I need to have a productive day, finding a happy medium works best. 8am is a good time for me to be awake, have a few minutes on my phone and get ready for the day. This means you still have four hours to dedicate to your to-do list that morning. I usually start with the one-minute jobs; get the bitty stuff out the way so you're not thinking about them later. I find the more I get done in the morning, the more I feel motivated to get everything continue after lunch and have everything done by the end of the day. 


I find planning my meals into my day helps add a little more structure. Knowing when I'll be having breakfast, lunch and tea helps me plan around those times and can make sure I keep those times free for well-deserved breaks. I am a serial snacker and so there's no chance that I won't be forgetting to eat but, for some, I know that stress and a heavy workload can cause people to feel they don't have time to eat. By using meal times to act as a break can help with making sure you're not hungry through the day. Also making sure you've eaten can help you feel more full and focus on getting your work done and you're not distracted by your rumbling stomach 


Don't panic. Yes you may have a lot to do but trying to juggle three things at once never ends well and, whenever I try this, I end up in a worse state than when I started. Focus on one task at a time and once it's finished tick it off and move on. Before you know it you'll be halfway through your list and you'll be on the home stretch. 


We're all human and so no one is expected to complete 20 tasks in a day. Be realistic with your goals and know your limits; trying to do too much will burn you out and you'll dread the next time you have a lot of work you need to catch up on. If you don't complete all the tasks you wanted to, don't worry; prioritise them as the first thing you do tomorrow. 

Don't feel bad for having time off; you've had a full day and you deserve to treat yourself. For me, I try to get everything completed before tea and then will sit with my housemates and relax for the evening or maybe meet up with some other friends during a break in the day. What I've learnt is that you don't have to sacrifice your social life for the sake of a few things. You should be happy with all you've done and given yourself a well-deserved break.

I hope this little insight into how I have a productive day come in handy for you. How do you stay motivated to be productive?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

At the start of summer I shared with you my "BUDGET FRIENDLY SUMMER MAKE-UP". Since then, some bits have changed as to what I tend to include in my make up routine on days that I decide I need to look a little more presentable. So,  I thought I'd give you an updated make up routine today. 

As a primer I've been opting for the Barry M Flawless Brightening Primer. While I wouldn't say I see much of a difference in terms of its brightening properties it really does create a nice base for my foundation. Paired with a good hydrating moisturiser, this works as a great base for those with drier skin.   

Revolution seem to be doing everything right recently and the Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation (F1) is no different. While it took me a few tries to get used to the idea of having a stick foundation over the usual pump foundation, I've been really enjoying using it. It does cling a little to drier patches but I find, with a good moisturiser and primer, it can look flawless with a lovely subtle glow. It gives great coverage while still feeling light weight. I wasn't sure whether this would be easy to apply but I've found it's not too bad with my beauty sponge and can be quick to blend. 

There's no point changing a good thing and so I've carried on using my trusty Revolution Conceal & Define concealer (C1). I go through this quicker than any other make up product I own so I'm glad they've brought out the supersize version which I'll be sure to pick up next. 

I've also kept to my Natural Collection Bronzer in Copper. It gives such a nice bronze without being too orange and over powering and, for the price point, you can't argue that it's worth the money. 

I was also on the hunt for a new powder and so after the success of the bronzer I thought I'd try the Natural Collection Matte Pressed Powder in Golden. I was worried about the shade as I'd usually opt for translucent but with that option not available I went for this one and after buying it I've realised it's the darkest shade they offer. I wouldn't say it's the best powder I've used but with a light hand it can keep my make up matte and set for a few hours. It's also not the best at brightening under the eyes for paler people but for an all over powder it works. I think I will definitely be trying their paler shade in the future. 

With Freedom being discontinued and, I think, merging with Revolution, my usual eyebrow duo wasn't available so I instead decided to try the Make Up Obsession Brow Powder in Soft Brown. I found this was the more cool toned than the taupe option they offered however it is a little more on the red side than usual brow products I use. With my hair colour it still works but is something to bear in mind if you're interested in this product. For just £2 this was a steal; it has a fairly buttery texture which is lovely and so I'll definitely be back to try and find a better shade for me.

I'm not usually one for eyeshadow on a day-to-day basis; the most I'll do is run a little bronzer through my crease. However, I've been loving the ELF No Budge Shadow Stick in Rose Gold. This adds a small pink pop of colour to the lid and, being a cream eyeshadow consistency, it looks really natural, is easy to apply and is done and blended within a few seconds. If you wanted, this is also can act as a base for other eyeshadows if something more colourful is up your street.

Mascara is a step that I used to skip quite a lot for the simple reason it always transfers under my eyes but I've come to realise that's just the fact that mascara's I've chosen haven't been very good. One, however, that I've found to do the job is the Barry M That's How I Roll Waterproof Mascara. The key thing that I think works for me here is the fact it's waterproof.  If you like something a bit more voluminous for the day, this might not be your thing but it gives a natural curl while not transferring like I've found with many others.

For lips, I like something that's light and doesn't need much maintenance. I've been recently grabbing for the GOSH Lip Oil in Flower Essence. This is a really nice change from a lip balm or lip gloss. While it can have a slightly sticky texture if too much is applied, it leaves my lips feeling glossy and moisturised for a long time. This is does come in different shades but the colour is very subtle; the shade I have gives a small pink/purple sheen which I really like. It's a great new addition to my routine that works for every day.

So there's the make up I've been wearing recently and I hope you've took some suggestions for some fabulous products to try out. What are some of your beauty everyday essentials at the moment? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

*While some links included in this post are affiliate links, all opinions remain my own*

Today I wanted to share a little post of some online creators who are just fabulous and I want you to know about. 


Becky's Youtube channel has been one of my favourite discoveries of the year. When first deciding to go cruelty-free I have felt slightly restricted by what I could buy but after finding Becky's youtube channel my outlook changed. Every video I find super helpful for finding new products that I probably wouldn't have found myself. She also seems so lovely in her videos and they are so easy just sit and watch. 


Jemma was one of the first blogs I followed years ago as she was, at the time, one of the only bloggers I found that was doing more than just beauty on their blog and I found her posts really inspiring; it really encouraged me to stop following usual beauty trends and write about more than just that. Now I follow her mainly on her Instagram where I love her super bright and fun theme. It's also nice to see her business grow and how much of a real girl boss she is as she is both 6 months pregnant while running her own Etsy shop among other things. 
I saw on her Instagram that she's close to 3000 sales on Etsy so why not go and check out her fab stuff over there. 


Lucy moon is everything I want to be. Without sounding too 'blogger' her aesthetic is on point. The way she shoots her weekly vlogs entitled "168 Hours" I love and adds something different to the usual vlog. I always enjoy seeing the different styles she's wearing and she's also anther good one to go to for cruelty-free recommendations. She's another creator that really motivates me to create and share online. 


Lavendaire aka Ailene has been one of my latest blogging and youtube finds and she's already inspiring me to get creative and motivated in planning and taking control of my life. I find her videos really calming to watch and something refreshing to see in my subscription box recently. She has a pretty big following on youtube which she definitely deserves if not more. 

Youtube // Website // Twitter

So if you're looking for some creators to follow I definitely recommend four. Whose content have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

Sometime life can just get in the way leaving you with a messy house, an unorganised list of things to do which and can all in all leave you feeling a little fed up. I know we all sometimes wish we had a reset button. I recently discovered a new blogger and Youtuber called Lavendaire and I have absolutely been loving her content. One video I watched was called "Reset Day // Get Your Life Together" and I really enjoyed it so I thought I would take some inspiration and share with you how I reset after a busy week. 


When I get busy I tend to disregard any form of pampering and so it's important to take some time to treat yourself. I love being able to have a face mask to help clear up my face; a favourite of mine is the Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask or if I want something more affordable, I'll grab one from Primark. I also like to paint my nails as there's something about freshly painted nails that makes me feel like I have my life together just a little more. Doing all this after a long shower or a hot bath always makes me feel a lot calmer and refreshed.

One other thing related to self-care I've been trying out recently is journalling. It was last Christmas my friend gave me this "My Mindful Mind" journal from Paperchase. Since starting a new year at university I thought now is a great time to start implementing adding a little to it every few days would be a nice addition to the day. It will help me get any worries I have down as well as helping me be a little more positive. 


When life starts to get busy, the first thing I neglect is having a tidy room. As I start rushing round, my floor usually becomes covered in clothes and my desk is littered with open files and scraps of paper. Most of the time, the mess isn't even that bad; it takes me half an hour tops to put everything back in its home and give any surfaces a quick clean, remake the bed and have everything back to how it should be. This lets me then start a fresh with any work I need to do and I'll have a tidy space to do it. 


This is a little vague so I tend to split it into categories:

Meals: Being able to work out what meals I'll be having for the next week is something that I feel helps give my life the most structure. Knowing what I'll be eating in advance saves me getting distracted thinking about having to prepare something or worrying I have to make time to go and pick up ingredients from the shops. I can make sure in advance that I have everything I need for the week  already in my fridge and cupboards. 

Blog: Whenever I have time, having time to sit down and come up with ideas as well as planning a few weeks of content is always helpful. It allows me to get my ideas down on paper so, when it comes to needing to write something, I have a list of posts waiting to be written. It also helps declutter my mind that little more. 

Life: This is also a good time to plan the coming weeks. If I have any new appointments or events I need to remember but have yet had chance to write them in my planner, nows my chance. I also take this time to give my family and friends a ring as there's a chance I haven't spoken to them in a while if life has become hectic. It's also nice to be able to share with them what I have planned for the week; I always find verbalising plans helps me remember them more and I am more likely to stick to what I need to get done. 


After a busy few days, you have to treat yourself. I tend to have a night in to relax and either stick on a film I've been wanting to watch or give myself time to read a book that isn't related to uni. Being able to give myself the night off worrying about anything else can actually motivate me more to wake up the next morning ready to get everything I need to done. 

So there is just a few things I do to help me reset and start a fresh.
 Hope you're doing great,

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I've been blogging for quite some time now (coming up to 6 years) and throughout that time I've learnt a lot about blogging. When you first start out with just a simple blogger template and no one reading, you don't really think about hows things will change overtime and how your blog will evolve. More recently, I feel I've gone through my latest blogging change as I'm finally getting back into the rhythm of posting weekly and really knowing what content I want to produce. With this, I've realised a few little things about blogging and I thought I'd share them with you today. 

You don't need money to blog.
When I first started,  I thought it was all buying beauty products and reviewing them but now this is less so. There's still sometimes when I'm drafting blog posts that I think "Oh I need to pick up X to complete this post" but, I've come to the realisation that there is so much content to be made that only requires an internet connection and a computer. I've realised the content I want to create doesn't need to have the latest beauty or fashion releases in for people to enjoy and still find helpful. Even if this is the content I want to share, it doesn't mean I have to include the most expensive items; there's nothing wrong with keeping it cheap; money can't stop you from creating amazing content. 

Quality over quantity.
I have been in and out of unintentional blog breaks over the past few years but I've learnt that instead of stressing over having the most content out there, enjoying writing the posts and taking the time to go through and check everything is so much more important. I would rather post once a month but be really proud of it than robotically posting twice a week and not enjoying what I'm writing. It's something I feel people can sense when reading a post and I don't want that. Finding a happy medium is the goal; being able to put the effort into a post but still being able to be consistent with sharing posts. 

If you don't interact you don't get back.
I have rediscovered the joys that are blogging chats. It's a time to virtually network with people but it not being forced and allowing you to have some fun in the process. Talking about your favourite films or books for an hour with new people is actually great and can gain you some mutual followers in the process. I really enjoy commenting on other people's posts but sometimes I don't have time to do it. But when I do, you really do get back from finding some new fabulous blogs as well as drawing some attention to your own blog. 

There's no point measuring your success against others.
Seeing bloggers who started around the same time as me now being incredibly successful full time bloggers can sometimes leave me wondering "why not me?". But, now more than ever, I feel happy with my blog and I'm focussing more on how I can grow and enjoy blogging more than feeling in competition with others. 
I feel this mentality has really allowed me to focus on my own content and think more inward about what I would want to read rather than wanting to follow what everyone else is doing. 

Do what you want!
In a way, I've found this attitude has helped me grow as a blogger more than anything. I'm more relaxed and not forcing myself to do something just to better my blog that I don't feel 100% happy with.
Before, I was sticking to the same format for a lot of my blog posts because, in a way, that's easy and what I'm used to. But, I am no longer enjoying churning out the same types of posts such as my favourites and "recently read" posts. I want to create content that I enjoy writing and would read myself. This is the latest realisation of mine and so it's something I'm continuing to work on. 
As I change, so does my blog and that's a good thing. I'm so excited to continue with my blog and sharing new content with you over the coming months. 

Have you learnt anything while blogging similar to these? I'd love to hear them!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

One thing I wanted to do before I was 20 was dye my hair and so, one month late, I decided to bite the bullet back in January. My hair has always been a weird mixture of many colours and so I was worried if I did anything too intense I'd struggle to ever get my natural hair colour back. I decided to get a balayage to just add a bit more blonde to my hair while still looking fairly natural. I absolutely loved when I first had it done and could already see myself falling in love with being blonder. 8 months on, I decided that summer would be the best time to add a little more blonde and so booked myself in for a top-up and a hair cut.
Over the course of the year, I've discovered some haircare products from certain brands that have become staples when it comes to looking after my hair. 


If you want the essentials, Superdrug is always the one. I've spoke before about my love for their super inexpensive shampoos and conditioners and, even with the bleached hair, this still stands. While I can't say that it really adds anything to my hair, their Raspberry and Macadamia Conditioner does what it's simply meant to do and condition while smelling amazing. Even though my hair is a little more damaged since dying it, their conditioner has really helped smooth my hair, feel hydrated and in better condition. I am on the hunt for a better cruelty free conditioner so if you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear them!


From my research, Pro:voke are a cruelty free brand and I'm so glad because the Pro:voke Brightening Silver Shampoo is among one of the best for getting rid of the brassy tones in my hair. I  naturally have red undertones in my hair and so using this once every two or three washes I can definitely see a difference. It makes my hair look a lot more platinum in its tone and also makes the balayage seem a little more seamless in the way the blonde runs through my hair.

It's another that is super inexpensive and you can pick it up in most supermarkets and drugstores in the UK. It's another one I'll continue to repurchase. I'm yet to try any of their other products for blonde hair but I may give them ago when I'm looking for something new to use. 


This is a brand you've probably all heard of and a brand I had not bought from before getting my balayage. It's definitely a brand to try out if you're looking for hair treatment products. I especially love their at home toner kits. Just a a few weeks after getting my balayage for the first time, I felt it needed a tone again so I thought I'd give their White Toner Kit a go and I was so happy with the results. It was ridiculously easy to use and, because it was just a toner, you didn't have to be too precise with how you apply it. As someone with extremely thick hair I can say I was most  impressed with how much product you get as there was enough for all my hair and probably another half. What I loved was how good my hair felt after it was rinsed off. I was worried it would make it feel dry but it was by far the opposite. I've since picked up their Lavender Grey Toner Kit which I think has a similar effect to the previous kit I used so I'll definitely let you know how that goes; I'll make sure to keep you updated over on my Twitter. An added bonus to the toner kits is they come with a Reincarnation mask which I'm yet to use but with the kits only being £10, I think you really get your money's worth. 

I thought I'd also mention the Bleach London Silver Shampoo which was the first purple shampoo I used. It was £8.99 for 500ml which I've decided is definitely worth it; It's been about 8 months since I picked this up and I still have half a bottle left. I'm not a massive fan of the bottle it comes in; the screw cap can be a bit of a pain in the shower when putting the product in your hands but it still works. While I do prefer the Pro:Voke, this silver shampoo isn't half bad and so I thought I'd give it this honourable mention. 

I'm tempted to try out either their pink shampoo and toner kit or their smokey shampoo next to see what the results are. There's something for all hair colours in the Bleach London collection so it's one I highly recommend checking out. 

If you want to see more of my favourite haircare products, check out my CRUELTY FREE HAIRCARE FAVOURITES as well.

What are your go-to brands when it comes to haircare?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 
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Over the past year at university I've discovered some great apps that I want to recommend to any of you that are students and also any of you that are the super organised types; I think you'll all really appreciate these free apps I've found. 


I for one am not a fan of the in-built notes and reminders apps on iPhones. Minimalist is the best app I've found to do the job of allowing my to create daily to-do lists and have the satisfaction of crossing them off as I go. One of the features I really like is that you can set both deadlines for tasks as well as timers.  This is a great feature for if you just want to do an hour of studying a night, or making sure you stick to a certain time for breaks in between studying.
As the name suggests, it's a super minimal design and easy to get the hang of. It's one I know will be very handy for the rest of my time at uni. 


I don't know about other universities but, when we get our timetable for the year, we are able to download it to our phones and I get mine sent to my google calendar. What I like about this over other calendar apps is that I can colour code different calendars while having them all in one place. For example, last year I had my personal timetable, my university college's activity calendar as well scheduling my part-time job shifts and also any other appointments I might forget.
Having everything all in one place makes like all that easier and really helps me organise my free time in between activities. 


This is one suitable for when exams come around.  Originally, I found the website Quizlet but soon found they had an app which essentially lets you create virtual flashcards which makes it easier to have revision with you on the go. You can also set reminders to get a notification to test yourself daily which I think is really good; you could add the flashcards as you go throughout the year and just take 5 minutes a day to go over those notes- if you do this you'll thank yourself when it comes to exam season! 
Another nice bonus is you can create different sets which means you can separate your flashcards by units or question focus which is super useful and can help you revise in smaller chunks. You can also quiz yourself in different ways; there's the simple flashcards but also match up tasks where it times how long it takes you.I think this is a revision app that I think students will love.


This is a newer app find and does what it says in the name; you can take pictures of your notes and it uploads them to the app. It will help lighten the weight of your bag during the day if you want to have some notes with you but you don't want to lug around a heavy folder.
Near exams last year, my phone was just full of pictures of notes and so I wish I knew about this app sooner. You can read the notes a lot more clearer from the scanned images than if I just took a picture on my camera roll. It saves you having to scroll through all you other photos trying to find the one needed. I know this will definitely be one I will use a lot this coming uni year. 


This last one's more of a fun one that you may have already heard of. It's an app that takes your photo as if it was on a disposable camera. It manages to make any night-out photo look better than if it was taken on your usual phone camera. It's good for getting that polaroid effect on your photos which you'll want to print out and pin on your walls at uni.

Hope these app recommendations were helpful to any of you! Do you have any other great app recommendations? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

Planning my summer can be really exciting. Booking holidays abroad or trips to see friends always fills me with excitement. However, sadly this summer this hasn't happened. I decided to spend some time working in order to save some money for my final year and, sadly any plans to travel fell through.  But, surprisingly, it hasn't turned out all that bad.

I've had time to reconnect with friends. In between them going on holiday, it's been nice to be back and being able to see people I've not seen for ages. From going on walks, nights out, shopping and eating out, I've actually really enjoyed being around fab people and being able to forget about uni for a little while.

It's also given me chance to have some real me time. I've actually been able to sit down and write blog posts and not feel like I'm rushing them. I've been able to pick up a pencil and draw for the first time forever; I've finally had chance to use my sewing machine that I haven't really used since I got it two years ago; I've been able to read books that aren't for my course and not feeling guilty when I am reading. 

You've got to admit that the UK has had some amazing weather and I've been able to sit outside in my garden, soak up the sun and just relax. Along with the relaxing, the weather has allowed me to go on walks both around my hometown but also go with friends and my family to nearby places to enjoy getting some fresh air while getting some fabulous instagrams.

What I'm trying to say with this post is that I've managed to get all the best bits of going abroad without leaving home. I've spent quality time with friends, enjoyed amazing hot weather while relaxing and being able to enjoy the scenes around me. It's also allowed me to be more eager to travel next summer and has given me chance to already plan for some trips this next year. 

How has your summer been? 
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x 

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This was one of few Mitch Albom books that I didn't already own or have read. So, after seeing it in the charity shop I thought it'd be worth a quick read. It centres around a man named Charley who has hit rock bottom and decides to take his own life. However, after the attempt, he wakes up where he lived as a child and his mother is there; what's confusing is she's been dead 8 years. For the rest of the day he spends time with his mum as well as people she introduces him to along the way. We see him reconnect with his mother and also understand his childhood a lot better.

Like Tuesday's with Morrie, it's a quick read but can still pack an emotional punch into just 200 pages. It's a book that looks closely into the naivety of childhood and times when you may dislike your parents because of decisions that you may not realise actually benefit you. From the Mitch Albom I've already read,  time, death and afterlife are big themes he continuously explores and these are, again, strong themes throughout this book. However, compared to his other books such as Five People You Meet in Heaven and The Time Keeper, this book didn't have the same effect on me as those. It may be that I'm getting bored of the themes that run throughout and it seems like the same ideas are just being exhausted. However, I didn't hate it. While I would recommend other Mitch Albom books before this one, if you've read his others I'm sure you'll enjoy this one. 



In my student house, we had lots of conversations about books and we spoke about one's we studied at both GCSE and A Level. One that two of the girls had read was Lord of The Flies and both had differing opinions, especially about the ending. However, both said it was one of their favourite books they had to read at school so I thought I'd see what I made of it and gave it a go.

I could tell from the start that, if I was reading this at GCSE, it would have been a long read. But, now being 20 and having more of an understanding of the way these books are purposefully written, I was able to get through it quickly. On the whole I enjoyed it; it was fast paced and was a really interesting concept. Throughout, I could see similarities to some Dystopian books such as The Hunger Games and Maze Runner in terms of the survival aspects of the book so I wondered if this was a little inspiration for those books. I understood what the different characters symbolised and I enjoyed seeing their different perspectives on decisions which the narrative allowed. I also did enjoy the writing style but at points I did lose my way. I would get caught up in some of the more wordy paragraphs and miss a big event and would have to go back and reread; it was a point of the book I both liked and disliked.

As for the controversial ending, I could see where both my friends came from. Without spoiling anything, it really highlighted the themes of the book but at the same time I thought it was a little rushed and would have liked a bit more from it.

If you're someone who likes books that need a little more thought into the underlying meanings then this one is for you. While I've only given it 3 stars, I'd say it's more of a 3.5 especially after reading more into the plot which definitely allowed me to appreciate it that little bit more. 



I'm so annoyed I left this book so long to read. After getting it last year I never found a good time to sit down and read it but, finally, I did. This book follows 16 year old Starr as she navigates through a white high school in the suburbs while living in a poor neighbourhood. After witnessing the shooting of her friend Khalil, Starr's story unfolds.

I was shocked to see this contemporary book being more than 400 pages but oh was it worth it and more. Every chapter I enjoyed; the writing style flowed and especially loved the dialogue between the different characters.  There's nothing about this book that I would really change; the story was an impactful and educational one as it focusses on police violence as well as the marginalisation of poor, black communities in America. It looked at the faults in the justice system and also the failure of governments in helping these communities while still being a book that got me hooked throughout.

I thought I was well educated with movements such as black lives matter but, from this, I realised you can never understand enough about oppression and the angle that this book takes really helps readers, who may be a little naive, understand what is happening and how nothing is being done. While this book is based on characters, I found it hard not to think of them as real people because the events in this book have happened to many across American and across the world. 

I love that this is YA and that it's speaking out to thousands of young people about something I wish I read more about when I was younger. I'd love to see more books like this on the shelves. What's also worth mentioning is that, unlike all other books, I actually read the "Author's Note" at the end and I recommend you do too. I'd be interested to see a sequel of sorts to this book; whether that be of a similar story or about one of the side characters. 

Also, if anyone has any recommendations similar to this I would love to hear them! I'd be interested in reading more about race in education because I did enjoy that element of this book. 

Have you any of the books I mentioned? What are you currently Reading?

Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

While that title may make it seem like we are a rare, dangerous breed, that's far from the truth. This post I want to address some misconceptions of introverts. 

1. We don't hate social situations. 
There may be times when we would rather stay at home in our own company than being at a party, but that's not necessarily all the time. I, for one, do enjoy social situations I just may be a little nervous at first or I may want to leave earlier than others. It doesn't mean I'm socially awkward. I can hold a conversation. It doesn't mean I'm boring either.  I read somewhere a little metaphor that went along the lines of: if we were batteries, extroverts feel charged by human interaction where as it tends to drain introverts more and their time alone is how they recharge. I can feel pretty drained if I've had too much human contact in a week and sometimes need the day off from interacting with anyone but it doesn't mean I didn't like being around people for the time I was. 

2. We can be extroverted. 
In more recent years I've realised that categorising yourself as an introvert based on certain characteristics isn't exactly right. There are times where I surprise myself and display characteristics that are more extroverted. Maybe it comes with growing up but I find that, sometimes, I can be more open to new experiences and spontaneous which didn't used to be something that would come naturally to me. 

3. We're not lazy.
I feel like this is quite a common misconception; that because we're not out in the world, talking to people and being social butterflies that we just sit on our arses and do nothing. Personally, I actually quite like being out and about just, sometimes, I like to do that on my own. 

4. We do have friends. 
When you watch a cliche, high school film, the "loner" is usually seen as an introverted character but this isn't reality. I've actually always been someone who's been quite good at making friends; I find I can easily find common ground with someone and, soon enough, we acting like we've known each other for years. I may not have a huge group of friends but who needs that? All you need is your close unit; just because I'm more introverted does not mean I cant make friends in any capacity. 

5. It doesn't mean we're shy.
As I say, especially in more recent years, I've found that I can quite easily make friends and starting a conversation with strangers isn't hard. While I may fluster if I get a question from a random person I'm not expecting, I'm not afraid to talk to them. While we may seem to an outsider as someone who is timid and doesn't like talking, if you get to know me you'll have trouble trying to shut me up!

What do you think about some of these misconceptions; have you had any similar experiences?
Are you more extroverted or introverted?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

As I head into my third year, I thought I'd share with you what, non-academically, university has taught me...

There's life after high school.

It sounds silly that I didn't realise this earlier. Even through college I thought nothing would get better than high school and it wasn't like that was great. I left high school with friends but I wouldn't say a solid friendship group. I thought that would just be how it would stay. But, that wasn't the case. I've realised that, wherever you go, there's always people willing to listen and have fun with that are even better than the people you meet at high school. 

You aren't always stuck in education and your grades don't necessarily define you or limit you to what you want to achieve.

A lot of people say the time at high school will be some of the best years of your life. I now highly dispute that claim. 

Nothing really changes.

I thought I'd go away and everything would just drastically change. Not only my home life where I expected I'd walk back in to my family home and no longer have a bedroom or the parents have decided to invest their life savings in a caravan etc. In fact, everything's stayed relatively the same. The same can be said for myself, I thought you go away, move out and you, yourself, change and,  while I think I have made some small changes, they've been nothing I've had to say to myself "woah,  I've changed". It's been inevitable steps that are just part of growing up but nothing like what I expected to happen. On that subject...

You're still young! 

It was as if I thought that as you hit 20 there's this automatic switch that's hit and BAM you're a fully-fledge adult. It was just the other day that I was thinking how, in some ways, I still feel 16. I know I definitely still look it from the comments I get in shops and the amount of times I am ID'd for razors in Superdrug, but I also don't feel like the way I act has really changed and sometimes I still act as if I was 16.

I've realised that I've got all the time in the world to make decisions about my life and no decision I make has to be set in stone; things can change later down the line because I've got plenty time to do that; I'm still young. 

It's OK to be yourself.

I never have truly felt like I could be myself around people but university has allowed me to present to people the closest thing to me and I'm honestly proud of myself for managing to do this. It sounds like a strange, silly thing to self-celebrate but to me it's a big thing. I've finally found people who accept me in all my weirdness and all my annoyingness. 

I'm less afraid to speak to new people, have conversations and have an opinion that's not always the most agreed one. It's OK for me to speak out about my views and put ideas forward. It's OK for me to be happy about who I am. 

I'm capable of more than I think.

As many are, I'm self-critical and even my successes I tend to put down to luck or not give myself the credit I should give myself. I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and, even when I get great grades, I still look at the negative. Since coming to uni, I've found a lot of people are the same but I think slowly we are all accepting how lucky we are to be at the uni we are and that getting here has taken a lot of work and we deserve it just as much as anyone else. Without making this sound like a job application, my volunteering and time working part time, it's been nice to see people appreciate the work I do and it's confirmed in me that, sometimes, I need to be a little less harsh on myself. I should be proud of what I've accomplished so far even if it's only small things so far. 

A lot of people are in the same boat.

Whether it be family issues, friendship dramas or personal feelings I've realised how alike I am to a lot of people. It's a tired phrase but "you are not alone" springs to mind and is definitely fitting here. There's always someone who can relate to a problem you're having and vice versa. It's nice to know that we are all having similar struggles and that, from this, you can be there to support each other.

So these are just a few of the little life lessons that my first two years at uni have taught me and there's definitely more where this came from (potentially enough for a part 2?).
Do you go to university? Any life lessons you want to share I'd love to read!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x 

With the weather being super warm, make up has been a rarity so discovering new products has been put on the back burner. But, while I haven't discovered or been particularly loving any beauty products this month, there have been a lot of other bits I've been loving that I'd thought I'd share with you. 


Right at the start of this month, I headed to Community Festival in Finsbury Park. If you follow me on Instagram (@distortings) you may have seen my stories of some fabulous artists and bands. If you saw those you may have seen one of those was Tom Grennan. I'd been loving his music before seeing him live but my love for his music grew even more after seeing him live and I haven't stopped listening to him since. My favourites are "Something in the Water" and "Barbed Wire". If you're fans of people like George Ezra you might this him. 

Side note, I'd say Community Festival is probably a favourite of mine as well for this month. If you get the opportunity to go, it's a great festival that always has some fabulous people. If you are interested in seeing who was playing this year, the snapchat stories are added to my JULY '18 highlights if you want a peak. 

Shop his music here: Tom Grennan Music Store


I've downsized my everyday bag to a small cross body. From doing this, it's also meant I've had to downsize my purse as my former purse no longer fits. I've been a little obsessed with mustard this year and so seeing this cute little purse in Accessorize, I couldn't help myself. It's the perfect size to throw my cards into as well as a section for coins in the middle. I have quite a lot of loyalty cards and even though this doesn't have specific slots for cards, I can still fit them all into and get to them easily as well. I think I've been converted to the small purse life now. 

Shop here: Coin Purse 


So technically I bought this in August but I can't help be include this as a favourite straight away. I haven't worn a headband in years and I've fallen in love with it. I have a knack for picking up items and trying them on as a joke but then actually loving them so much I have to buy them and this was one of those. Since picking it up, it hasn't left my head. It makes a messy bun look a little more put together while keeping those strays out of my face. 

Similar here: Turban-Style headband


After deciding to finally buy these, they have become a very beloved pair of trainers. They go with so much and I love particularly pairing them with my mum jeans and a jumper; not the most summer-appropriate outfit but I can't help but wear that combo all summer round. I think I'll be wearing these all year round. 


Season 6 was released and I devoured all 13 episodes in just 2 days (I wouldn't say this is something to be proud of though). It was probably my favourite season so far so, if your a OITNB fan and still haven't got round to watching it, this is my public service announcement to tell you to get it watched. And, if you've never watched OITNB I highly recommend you do; it cover such relevant topics and tackling important subjects well in a prison setting while still being funny. I don't know how I'm going to survive without this for another year now. 


If you read Saturday's post on the books I've RECENTLY READ, you will have seen me mention this book. If you want to know more about this book and it's plot, give that post a read. Here, I just one to sing its praises one last time. I loved how realistic it was and, while the pace was slow, the build up allowed me to really connect with the characters. It also made me laugh in parts which is always an added bonus. My first 5/5 stars on good reads in quite a while! 

So there's my favourites for July. While there was no beauty favourites, I really enjoyed sharing these bits with you and I hope you enjoyed reading about them. 
Did you do anything exciting in July?
Hope you're doing great, 
Sarah x

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