25 Aug 2017

If I could do 1st year again what would I do differently? Here are some goals I want to set myself to make sure I have a fab year at uni. 

So if you've been reading for a little while, you'll know I finished my first year at university studying Psychology. It had its ups and downs but, all in all, I enjoyed my time there, the things I accomplished, the friends I made, the independence I achieved. I sadly didn't update my blog enough though out the year of what my year really consisted of and that's my first goal going into my second year...

1. Make time for blogging. 
I have neglected my blog over this passed year and I always seem to try and set aside time to get it done. But being so strict with scheduling my blog doesn't seem to work for me. Instead of setting specific deadlines, I am going to just make sure I keep up to date with the blogging world and carry on posting everything I love along with a lot more uni related posts. If you have any suggestions of posts, I'd love to hear!

2. Stay Ahead. 
While it wasn't such a need-to-do thing in first year, I really want to put my all into second year. This includes staying on top of my reading, writing up my notes and not leaving essays to the last minute. I've always been pretty good at this but I want to make sure I try my best to get everything done with time to spare. 

3. Find a balance. 
This is something I wish I'd done better in first year. Some weeks I'd lock myself away in my room to work while other weeks I'd do no work at all. By doing this, it encouraged me to procrastinate but, then when I did start the work, I'd begin to panic and soon feel burnt out. I want to make sure I get the balance between work and play right to make sure I make the most out of the year and still get good grades while I'm doing it. 

4. Try new things. 
While my inbox may be constantly full with weekly newsletters from all the different societies and club activities I signed up for at the Freshers fair, I definitely didn't step outside my comfort zone to try something new. This is something I really want to accomplish this year whether it's attending society socials or going along to campus events. I want to throw myself into uni life on a whole new level. 

5. Explore the city even more. 
I think I did an OK job of doing this already but there's still more to explore. I go to university in York and I feel like it's quite a cultured, historic city with some great places to visit. One thing I failed to do last year was make the most of the free entry to museums and galleries in York that I get as a student. Along with this, I never even walked along the York walls or visit half the cafes I wanted to. 

I'm sure there is more I want to accomplish this year, some that I've not even thought of yet, but with these five goals, I hope my second year at uni will be even better than the first.
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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