1 Jan 2017

This past six months I've lost my way. I've prioritised the wrong things and forgotten to enjoy things that I usually love. 2016 started off as a fantastic year; sitting my exams, leaving college, getting great results, having one of the best summers and then going to uni. But as I started uni, I lost what I wanted to do and while I grew and some changes were better than I could have hoped for, others were the opposite. 2016  became a right off especially the latter half of the year. The past six months for me have been hectic, strange, sad, weird. 

2016 was tainted by sadness not only in my life but in the world and I think that has overshadowed the good moments I've shared with friends, family and you. 

The last few months I cut you out and I'm sorry. I was just too bogged down in work, too bogged down with life to even think about blogging. I haven't even had the time to read a book for leisure in months! 

I'm not usually a fan of the "new year new me!!!1" mantra that people decided to hold and I still carry that belief. However this year my resolutions are going to be a key part of 2017 starting with this blog... 

My 2017 blog resolution is to post at least 70 blog posts across the year which is average to around 6 blog posts month; 1 to 2 a week. While this is what I used to try to aim to post, I want to make the effort to create some fab content for you all to read consistently. 

This blog post is Chapter one of a new blogging year that I aim to be the best on my blog that I have ever had and I hope you're ready to join me in all the posts I create. 

Do you have any blogging/life resolutions this year? 
Hope you're doing great,

Sarah x

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