30 Aug 2016

I'm going to start with the cliche line- where do I begin?

What I find funny about this is we never wrote each other messages when we left high school; I know that was because we were never too close but I guess, in a weird way, it was a way of showing that the end of high school wasn't the end of our friendship but more the start. 

Through primary and high school we weren't best friends and I think at points we didn't even get a long but how things change. 

With friends, I'm not very open about how I'm feeling and one reason our friendship works is how you don't pressure me to share parts of me I don't want to but, instead, you make me feel comfortable to just say whatever without feeling judged. You have made me feel at ease like no friend has made me feel before. 

Over the past two years, I've changed a lot and I think some of that is thanks to you. You've opened me up to so many new things. I've become free in a way, more spontaneous. Don't get me wrong, we both know I can still be uptight but that's me and you get that. You have just helped me grow in a way I didn't think I could. 

I only wished we realised how great our friendship was earlier and how much time we wasted before realising "oh she's actually an alright gal". Our friendship just works. I can't explain how but it just does. 

Thank you so much for putting up with me, for letting me stay at yours numerous weekends, for helping me step outside my comfort zone, be a better version of myself and accepting me for me. 

I've said to you before how I never believed in best friends and how I thought it was a stupid, childish saying but, as super cheesy as it is, I really think I've found one. 

While this is a goodbye letter I refuse to say it. This is more a thank you letter; an appreciation letter as we head off to different cities to go to university. There's no doubt in my mind that we will stay close, that we'll ring each other all the time to discuss the latest drama, visit each other on the weekends and still get up to our usual crazy antics. I hope it all works out for us. There's a tendency for me to hope things will stay the same and they go and dramatically change. I know our friendship will be different but you will still be my best friend. 

Love you 

Sarah x

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