11 Jun 2016

I'll admit it. You're one of those friends who meant so much to me but I never really appreciated what we had until two years after you went away then came back and we decided to see each other. It filled me with happiness to see how well you were doing but a dry taste was left in my mouth from the regret I'd not seen you sooner.

Seeing you happy is what matters. I could tell you felt held back, in high school, from doing what you really wanted to do. But seeing you pursuing your dreams is envious. Yes, I did roll my eyes once or twice at your dream and how I judged it and thought it was unrealistic but now I give you permission to laugh in my face and say "I told you so".

Looking back, our friendship worked; we were both so childish but then dreamed big even though they were completely different. And now, two years later when I got a random message asking me to meet up with you I was so happy that you were now one of those that I could still call a friend. While a lot of our meal together, you spoke about your dancing and what you're going on to do and how strict it can be, in high school I would have rolled my eyes and thought you were just being self-centered. But I didn't stop you. I didn't want to stop you. I kept asking you questions because all I wanted to do was hear everything you'd done and have you fill in the two-year gap that was missing. I wanted to sit in awe at how much you changed and how I thought I'd accidently sat down at the wrong table because of how different you look now. 

Now you're in London living the dream and I'm stuck at home for the time being. But soon, hopefully, I can be the one bragging over dinner about what I have achieved and feeling like I've accomplished everything I want to because, like you, I will have figured myself out, I will be doing what I want to do and I'll have found the right path.

I see it, 10 years from now as I take a weekend off from my hectic job that,yet while busy, I still love and I'll visit you in London where you're performing at the Royal Albert Hall. Right now, you're already there on stage waiting for me but give me ten years and I'll be there with you captivated by your performance. And as the show draws to a close I'll be applauding you for your amazing performance, for how much you've accomplished and for how far we've both come. 

So please, don't leave the stage until I can be there in the audience soon. 

Sarah x

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