8 May 2016

If you're a student like, me you probably, also like me, are always trying to find ways to make school and college that little bit more bearable. Over the past two years, I've stumbled across some great helpful apps and websites that I love and I think you will too. Some I've shared with you before but there are some new finds too.


Having trouble finding resources? This is one to check out. I can't say it's great for all subjects but for English especially it's been great; they have chapter summaries and analysis for almost all the books I need which means I can get to grips with books quicker and better. 


I'll admit it, I rely way to much on spell check which isn't always the best as half of the time it doesn't correct the actual problem. That was until I stumbled across Grammerly which lets you upload your essays and will check it for grammar as well as telling you why so you can check that the correction is right and suitable. There is also a chrome extension which means it can check blog posts like this one for any mistakes. There is a free version but also an upgrade where they can check your work for more technical mistakes, plagiarism and much more. It's definitely worth checking it our. I have my own link if you would like to have a gander here.
If you're a college student and you haven't signed up to UNiDAYs what are you doing? It has some amazing student discount offers to make your shop online and in-store that little bit cheaper. They also have boosters of certain brands often to make the discount even better. The one I'm most grateful for is 50% of Spotify; it's the best. Whenever I'm about to put an online order in now I always check UNiDAYs to see if I can get discount or find somewhere that has what I want at a greater discount. If you want to save a little money but still can't not shop, give this a look. I have my own link for this too which you can sign up to UNiDAYs for free here.


This is a great little app to test yourself the morning before exams. Simply choose the qualification, subject and exam board and quickly test your knowledge. What I love about this isn't doesn't just say "aw bad luck you got it wrong" but shows you the right answer as well as giving an explanation. It's one that can you use before you revise, see where your weak points are and go back and see who you do another time.


Sadly, we all come across a bad teacher at least once if our time at school. If you haven't I envy you but for those who are currently struggling with a teacher, check out slide share where many teachers and other students post resources and power points on the lessons you've had. Just search the subject, topic and, for safety, your exam board and look through a power point. Warning though, some aren't the best and some might offer information that your teacher doesn't teach but that doesn't always mean they've missed it out. A lot of the time, teachers from different schools have a choice as to certain aspects to teach but still giving everyone enough information to do well in their exams. Apart from that, it's a great one to just take a little time to search and you might come across some rally useful information. 

So there are just a few online websites and apps that have made my life as a student just that little bit easier and even though we're coming to the end of the school year, I hope you find them a little helpful.
Do you have any suggestions to make things easier as a student?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

* This post does contain affiliate links where I receive a small cut of anyone who signs up using my link but all opinions still remain my own x

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