30 Apr 2016

Back at the end of last year I finally decided it was time to chop off my long locks and go something a bit shorter. It's not like I went from Rapunzel to a pixie cut or anything but it took a little bit of time to adjust to actually being able to get a brush through it easily and get it actually straight without it taking two hours to do. I decided it was time to switch up my hair care and try out some new products and I think I've found some great products. 

My hair is prone to greasiness and, annoyingly, there aren't many shampoos geared towards oily roots but when my sister recommend I try a lush shampoo bar I thought I would give the Jumping Juniper Shampoo bar a go. I was a bit precarious to start thinking it will only last a few washes but it definitely lasts a lot longer especially by putting it in a small pot after each shower. I feel it leaves my hair super clean but also really soft which I love. If I'm not using this shampoo bar, I reach for my Alberto Balsam Tea Tree Shampoo or Head & Shoulder. I've also found them great for hair prone to oiliness. 

When it comes to conditioner, I'm really not that picky but I'm hooked on the Herbal Essense Beautiful Ends Conditioner. It claims to stop split ends and help repair them which, I'll admit, I think is a load of baloney but the smell is amazing and seeing is I'm using a lot more heat on my hair these days, I'm hoping it will do a bit of good. 

It might come as a surprise, but I've recently ditched my beloved John Freda Fizz Easer Serum. It was great when I had long hair but now I regularly straighten it, it's not as necessary. Instead, however, I've been using the Got2be Styling Oil. To start with, I applied a bit to the ends of my hair after styling but now I've found it to work best by applying a small amount over my hair after I brushed it through before I dry it. It leaves my hair feeling soft, helps tame and style my hair. 

Speaking of styling, I don't do much of it with my hair differing between three hair styles: up, down and the half-up-half-down. As I've mentioned, I've been straightening my hair a lot more as it really helps me control my thick head of hair that little bit more. The straighteners I currently use are The BaByliss Pro 235 Smooth Straightener. They're nothing special but they do the job and think they'd be perfect for curling as well. While I'm not one to get split ends even with all the straightening recently, I still don't want to take chances so I use the TRESemme Heat Defence Spray. It's been a product I've used for years and one I've just stuck with.

I've recently discovered a new dry shampoo instead of my Batiste which I think is a Tesco's own which is the Girlz Only Dry Shampoo for blonde hair(even though I'm basically brown). I've been wanting to try out a coloured dry shampoo and so I thought I'd give it a go and it actually works pretty well at refreshing my hair as well as not leaving that annoy white residue. I've also ditched my Tangled Tezzer which has basically fallen apart for a cheap version that I think is also from Tesco which is theTangle Attack- a complete rip off from the Tangle Teezer but I think it's much better especially if you have thicker hair to get through all the knots instead of just grazing over them.

So that's all for hair care; nothing too interesting but I thought it might be useful if you're in need of some budget friendly hair products. Do you have any good hair care recommendations?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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