8 Feb 2016

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I love discovering new people to listen to especially when it's not just the one song but a whole album even and so I thought I'd share with you some more music love as I have done before in hopes that you might check a few out if you're interested.


If you remember last year my Saint Raymond love did nothing more than grow and while I still love that man, I've tried to find some similar artists and KYKO is one of them. While we're still in summer, his music makes me feel like I'm in summer and I love that. 

favourite songs: Animals, Headlights and Mexico


This, I guess is a slightly biased recommendation with one of the members being my cousins boyfriend but i wouldn't recommend then to you if I didn't actually like the music myself. Similar to KYKO, it's just what I need at the end of winter as he head into spring. They only have a few songs out but they are all great. 

favourite songs: Funky and Might River


On the other end of the spectrum in terms of people knowing them is the amazing Brendon Urie. I would be surprised if you don't know at least one Panic! song. The new album has been recently released with Brendon being the soul band member left but that doesn't take away from the fact it's an amazing album. Because of the recent release, I haven't been able to stop listening to the new and old stuff of theirs. It makes me feel super nostalgic. I also found their reading set on YouTube and it's become my means to get me through the overload of college work I've had recently.

favourite songs: Golden Days, Hallelujah and (an old favourite) Miss Jackson


This man has already won awards and I'd put money on him receiving the critics choice award at the Brits this year. The way he plays and loops the different instruments, putting it metaphorically, is Ed Sheeran on some serious steroids. To add to his pure genius it doesn't half produce some cracking songs. I think Jack Garret will be doing very well this year. 

favourite songs: Weathered, Breathe Life and Worry


They are just a few of the artists I've been loving but there has been some great new singles released that I wanted to mention. Some you may have seen me rave about over on twitter or seen on my current spotify playlist but here's a list of a few new releases worth a listen.

If you want any more music goodness, check out my spotify if you wish.
What music have you been loving recently?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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