18 Jan 2016

This was a quick thought after last year's reading disaster to set myself some goals for reading more this year. One of my many downfalls is not reaching goals but hopefully this will change this year.

Good Reads Reading Challenge

I have already reset my reading challenge to 30. The same as last year but this time I actually want to reach that goal or at least do better than last year. For me, it's really about finding the time to really get stuck into a book and hopefully this year I will make sure I have time to do just that.

More Series

I'm waiting for my reader count to go down when I say I've never finished the Harry Potter series which I even hate myself for growing up surrounded by Harry Potter fans and family who adore the books so, while I have read the first few, I'm going to aim to start the series again and get through them. Another is the Percy Jackson series. Again, I loved the films and so I don't see why I won't like the books. I bought them all second hand off eBay so I've got no excuse to not start reading them this year!

Non-Fiction Please

I'm a lover of facts and knowledge that probably will never come in handy. I also love expanding my knowledge in areas that I already love and I think there are a lot of non-fiction books out there that I will love; it's just finding them. It's a real aim of mine to ready more books based on real life stories- not just autobiographies but all forms of non-fiction. I'm off to a great start with my first book of the year being a non-fiction one. 

Keep The Reviews coming

This is something I'd love your opinion on actually. I currently wait till I've red a few books and compile my "Recently Read" posts but sometimes there are big gaps between each installment so I was thinking of doing more stand alone reviews especially for new releases that I urgently want to give my opinion on. So what do you think? I'd love to know how you'd like to see my review this year!

Out Of The Comfort Zone

I'm always reading young adult contemporary and I don't think that's going to change for a while but I want to explore new genre's as well. Historical fiction, maybe some of those mentioned on my Classics TBR. I really want to expand my reading horizons this year so fingers crossed I will do.

What are some of you bookish goals for the year? Any recommendations for books I should pick up to help me with my own goals?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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