10 Dec 2015

After sharing my Autumn switch up, it seemed only fitting to hare with you some of my winter essentials as we head towards Christmas. Everything, goes from warm oranges to cool blues and more neutral colours. 

A lot of things stay the same as those in Autumn but little things such as nail varnish changes. I start to wear more cool and neutral shades but then I stick crack out the dark maroon and plums but one thing that I do introduce is a bit of shimmer as it reminds me a lot of the Christmas season and the Avon Stardust Nail Varnishes are great. I have the colour "Crystalised Pink". It's super shimmery and goes on amazingly. 

Things get colder and so dryer and so I use hand cream by the bucket load. My favourite this year are the body shop hand creams and the scent I seem to be obsessing over is Shea and so the Shea Hand Cream is a dream. 

I've done a separate post on my recommended Winter Reads but I usually read anything but try and make time for something with a Christmas/wintry feel just like Harry Potter. 

My Seasonal playlists are still going on Spotify with me regularly updating my WNTR 15 Playlist  including some of Justin Bieber's new album and some amazing Jack Garratt. For those wintry long journeys though, Ben Howard's "I Forget Where We Were" is the one.

As for fashion, you can't have enough jumpers and I've been loving this beige jumper from New Look. It's not the thickest but with a top underneath an for just £8 I'm very happy. I can't find the exact colour for mine but they have a similar here which I'm very tempted to buy now! New Look seem to be doing something right this year as, after finally realising it's time for a new pair of boots, I went to New Look and found a new pair super easily (can find here). I just wanted a simple black pair but the ones I decided on have a small buckle as well as having a handy zip down the side. They're slightly higher than my usually boots being a bit taller than ankle boots but still great and perfect for this weather. 

So here's a just a few of my winter essentials. What are some of your winter essentials?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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