BEST OF 2015

17 Dec 2015

Earlier in the week, I shared with you my favourite beauty picks of 2015 and so today is the one I'm most excited or and that's basically everything else so there's no point wasting time and I'll get straight into it. 


I'll be honest, this year in terms of reading has not been great. I set, what I thought, was quite a look challenge of 35 books. While I saw many achieving their 100 book goals and beyond by June, I hit a pretty bad reading slump around that time and still now as my life quickly became hectic and reading became the last thing I had time to do. However, I still read some corkers this year staring with The Giver by Lois Lowry. This was such a quick read and such a great premise for a book. I'm still yet to read the sequel but this has just reminded me to pick it up in the new year. I've continued to love my Young Adult Contemporaries with my first book of the year becoming a favourite straight away and that's The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting by Holly Bourne. This was a book that took me a while to grow to like the character and I was scared, due to the books topic, that I wouldn't but this book really struck a cord with me and included topics that need to be addressed for the people of the reading age. E.Lockhart did it again as I finally read The Disreputable History Of Frankie-Landau Banks. I loved the adventure element to this book with the pranks pulled. It brings up different points to do with Feminism as well which, while in some places I disagreed with, I found interesting overall. The quickest I've ever read a book beating out The Fault In Our Stars so of course it's a favourite. If you want to see the 16 out of 35 books I managed to read this year and brief opinions, you can check out my Good Reads.


If you've read some of my more music based posts these will come to no surprise. The first of which is Saint Raymond. I don't think I could urge you any more to give him a listen and if you like him to not hesitate but find a concert of his to go to. I've seen him twice this year. The first in February where I came to the conclusion it was the best concert I'd ever been to only to beat himself back just last month as the second concert was even better. Shawn Mendes was a favourite at the start of the year and along with Saint Raymond, after checking my spotify year in music, they were the constant top artists for the year which couldn't be more accurate in my eyes. Also up there was Years & Years when I went through a few month stage of listening to their album on repeat whenever I had a chance. 


I got Netflix at the start of the year which caused me to binge watch every TV show I ever missed including Pretty Little Liars which I managed to quickly get up to date and watch the last season as it came out. I don't think I'm still comfortable with who A is but "A" well( that was a poor pun, I know). I was very much obsessed with the Louis Theroux documentories on Netflix as well especially the ones in American Prisons, I just find that stuff interesting.
Arrow has been insane this year and I've loved every episode. I'm a little behind on this recent series but I love Oliver Queen and, of course, Felicity!
I haven't watched many films in cinema this year but one I knew I'd have to see was The Scorch Trials. Comparing to the book, it's completely different but as a film I loved it! It was non stop action and do I need to say any more than "Dylan O'Brian"! Another film I loved this year was SPY with Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy-seriously funny!


Other bits I've loved this year include a nail varnish: Essie Mastarpiece nail varnish has been on my nails every day for months. The Essie formula is great- quick drying and long lasting. Will be picking some more up in 2016 for sure. The Body Shop have killed it,for me this year, with constant 40% off. I've become obsessed with the Shea scent so it was only fitting I picked up the Shea Body Mist which I've also been using constantly for the past few months. Fashion wise, my Puma Suedes seen to have replaced my white converse and being great for every day wear to college(apart from when it chucks it down).

I could list off favourites for hours but I better stop now before it gets too much. I hope you liked this yearly round up of things I've loved this year? What are some of you random favourites from 2015?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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