17 Sept 2015

Over my years of blogging, I've come a cross some great websites that have made my blogging life a little easier, my posts a bit better and saved a lot of money by not having to buy expensive software like Photoshop. I've managed to compile a list of a few websites and apps that I thought you may be interested in checking out yourself that may help your blogging in some way. 


There's only one website I've come across that is brilliant in helping blog graphics and adding text to photos, as well as having different options to create different graphics and that's Canva- a website you've probably heard of but if not, I'd definitely check it out. I've used it a lot for adding fonts to photos etc. A lot of the aspects are free but there is options to buy photos and other features for around $1. I've never had to buy anything off there to create something I'm happy with but the option's there and it's not too expensive. 


This where the bulk of my website finds come from. I'll start by saying I do have Adobe Lightroom which isn't as fancy as Adobe Photoshop but has everything I need to edit photos. However, sometimes it can be a bit of a hassle so I prefer to use websites that quicker to load and do what I need. Pic Monkey is one you've probably heard of as well and I think it's great if you're just starting out with photo editing and photography on your blog as well as having some graphics options as well. However, a new found love is Pixlr which is basically a free, online Photoshop that has almost all the same features. I know my way around photoshop so I found using Pixlr fairly easy to use but I could see it being slightly more confusing if you're not use to it but a little xplore around the website and you can probably get use to it!


Pinterest is my main source of photography inspiration but I also love exploring Weheartit where I can also find inspiration. If you're starting out with blogging and don't have a way of taking photos, you could use photos off WeHeartit and as long as you add  the original source to your post, I don't think they'd be a problem and you'd have a great photo to go along with you blog post. 


I've spoken a lot about apps on my blog and I am planning on doing one dedicated to photography apps but for now I'll mention some well known photo editing apps that I love; Snapseed and VSCO. VSCO is amazing for filters and Snapseed is great fro tweaking my photos whether it's increasing the contrast or lowing the exposure.  There are a lot of helpful apps that, if you'd like, I can share with you soon!

So there are just a few resources that I use for my blogging and I would love to know if you know any great websites to help bloggers!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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