7 Sept 2015

Back last year, I wrote a post entitled "Too Pale for Beauty?" where I expressed I feel strongly that I shouldn't have splash out on high end foundations that may not be right for my skin just because they are able to expand their shade range further. That post was followed that followed by a "Pale Appreciation Post" where I shared with you some affordable products for us pale skin people. I've thought it was time for me to share some more affordable find for the paler people.

Rimmel Stay Match Foundation 

The shade range of Rimmel's foundation I've actually never found to be the best but I was pleasantly surprised when I found a shade perfect for my pale skin. It is quite pink toned as many brands presume fairer skinned people tend to be but it works for me. I've spoke in depth recently about this foundation in "The Foundations" post so if you're interested in learning a little more about that foundation and seeing if it would be great for your skin type I'd give that a quick look.

L'oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation

I personally think L'oreal's shade ranges in most of their products especially their foundations are great and, while the range isn't as big as their True Match foundation, the re released Infallible range has a great offering for those who are even paler that the True Match offerings. I have Rose Ivory in True Match and Porcelain in the Infallible and I've found it to be even paler and suit my skin tone even better. As mentioned, many brands seem to presume the pale skinned have cool tones where as this range as more neutral/yellow undertones so is great if you fit into that category. I've only had this foundation a few weeks but I'm really enjoying using it and the shade is an added bonus to my new love of this foundation. The shade range isn't as wide as the True Match but it may expand in the future!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzer

This has been a summer staple and have mentioned it previously on my blog. This is probably supposed to be darker than it is but it's pigmentation isn't too strong and so I've found it works very well on my skin tone and also works great as a contour as it's not too orange. I also find it great for every day for a subtle bronze and to add a bit of extra colour. And, while the name would suggest shimmer, it's fairly matte so, again, great for contour.

L'oreal Glam Bronze

Are you starting to sense a brand pattern hear? This was my holy grail bronzer for about a year and I absolutely loved it! It was great if I wanted a stronger all over bronze and, while more on the orange side than the Rimmel bronzer, I felt it still worked with my fair skin and I still really enjoy using it. I do seem to favour the Rimmel one for a more subtle look, I still believe this a good bronzer and may work on some pale skin tones but not all. 

Garnier Moisturising Lotion Light Sun-kissed Look 

I mentioned in my Too Pale For Beauty post that I'm not OK with wearing fake tan just to match a certain foundation shade (and I stand by that) fake tan to wear to look a little more summer ready and, for me it can be a confidence boost. This Garnier moisturiser is great for my skin tone as it is for the lighter skin tones and so doesn't look extremely fake when applied and developed but does make you look sun-kissed and that you have naturally tanned and not like you bought the wrong shade of fake tan or had one too many coats of the spray tan. If you are a fake tan, tinted body lotion fan and you haven't checked this out, I would!

So here are just a few pale products in shops at the moment and from the products I've found, it's clear to see the brands best for the pale skin tones. It's sad, I feel, that these are the only products 
I've managed to find since the last post but fingers crossed, more products for fairer skin will be coming out soon and I'll be sure to share those with you when they do!

Do you have any good recommendations for paler skin? 
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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