23 Sept 2015

Why am I applying? Well, really I don’t know what I want to do after college. I thought I wanted to go into teaching and that’s what I just tell people because it’s the easy way to explain it but that’s not really the aim. I want to experience life and that includes uni- a step to self-discovery and find the right path I want to follow in life.

Yeah, I'm obviously choosing courses that interest me and I'm passionate about but I'm not so sure they’ll take me. Don’t get me wrong I really want to go to uni and I work my socks to get the grades I do. I want the chance to learn in depth about my chosen topic.

They say not to say this but I'm going to and you obviously know but choose to ignore that you’re university isn't the only one I'm applying to so I'm trying to five an all-round view of myself. But the hard thing is I'm applying for different courses not just different universities.

One of the universities I found a course and fell in love with the idea; American Literature and Creative Writing. I could lie say I've read a lot of American classic literature but really it stretches as far as Salinger; a book that I along with many others can relate in some way just enjoy the teen angst aspects of Holden’s personality throughout the books that the adult population would just find annoying. I love to write even if I'm not the best. Right now, writing this- I'm enjoying myself. Writing for me is a relief- to get ideas into words and free from my mind so I'm not holding on to a small thought for months on end. I do English at college and while some books really are a drag, I do love analysing texts finding meanings locked behind words- I feel like I'm invading the writer’s personal space but I like it in a non-weird way. It’s like I'm inside their head somehow. Like I said, English and writing I love and so why wouldn't I want to pursue something I love after college?

When everyone wanted to be an astronaut or an ice cream I always wanted o be a therapist. I wanted to be the one there for someone when they needed to some to talk to. It might be because I didn't have that or because people always said I was a good listener- and they say work to your strengths right? I guess I just don’t like the idea of someone going through a terrible time alone. That’s why I took psychology, not for the research methods, but to learn how to treat people and how psychotherapy works.

While I'm not planning on pursuing it at university, I also currently do sociology. I’d definitely recommend it! It might help some of those narrow minded people out there broaden their horizons. I also think that politicians should have to take sociology as a requirement to become a pain in the arse politician because they’ll just be a politician and not blame to less well-off for their behaviour but maybe society for once. Sorry to get all Karl Marx on you, but it’s kind of true.

In an ideal world, I’d actually love to carry on all of this is one brilliant job I haven’t found the job right for that just yet. The closest I've found is educational psychologist. My old history recommended it when I suggest I became a high school English teacher. “It’s the positives of teaching without the negatives”. Yes, it may sound like I'm taking the cowards way out by not enduring the stress of teaching but she actually showed me that that’s my best option in life to teach every once in a while as well as act as a friendly ear to people who need it just like I once did.

So while I'm writing this like I'm going to send this as my real personal statement. I'm just going put somewhere else because if I truly wrote what I wanted to write to get into uni and show my actual personality and not just why I’d love to go to your fantastic establishment, I doubt I’d get in to my top choice.

But if this ever finds its way to you, I hope you enjoyed reading something not full of bullshit but rather the truth of why I want to go to university. 
The only good thing about this that I’m under the 4,000 character cou- oh wait. Oops.

Sarah x

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