20 Aug 2015

The Myers Briggs personality test can teach you a lot about yourself. It might be something you already might know about yourself but it can teach you a lot about yourself as well; character traits you may know you had but, actually, you failed to recognise them until someone comes along and points them out to you. Me? I'm INFJ- Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging. There's so many aspects of this that was so me and were things that I didn't realise I was till it told me. One thing it didn't say in the description given of my labelled personality type but I realised myself just by answering the questions i that I have to have a plan. 

Whatever I'm doing a plan is needed; a clear, full plan otherwise I'm just a pain and don't want to go through with whatever it is we plan on doing no matter how small it is. What time? How we getting there? Who's coming? When? Where? An endless list of questions and asked and answered before I'm ready to go. 

If the plan wasn't complete and if just one of the questions remained unanswered I'd "freak out". I don't know why I just would. I would make up an excuse to get of the half thought through plans an not go. A lot of my friends actually know this about me now and understand. If you're one that didn't know well now you do and sorry for cancelling on you that one time- chances are this was the real reason. I'm not a controlling person at all- I don't want you to think that from this- I just like plans. 

I'm going into my last year of college after summer's over and this next year is going to be a hectic one. Exams, driving lessons, work experience, personal statements, uni applications and visits and thinking about the future and for me to get everything done, my answer is plan and that seems to be the best way.

Sometime planning is the answer but some things you can't plan.

As much I try and plan to achieve certain grades and to some extent what uni I go to, a lot of it is out my control and my planning will only get me so far before I have to leave it to run it's course. Fate plays a part in it as well. You can't plan fate. 

I didn't plan on going into my A level year wanting, at the end of it, to defer uni a year and become an au pair abroad being able to travel a country alone- a country I've always wanted to go to. I never planned to have these feelings but I do and now I plan to satisfy my feelings of wanderlust and wanting to give education a break. I don't want to miss this opportunity which over planning can sometimes lead to. I need to leave room for plans to differ. 

This whole planning malarkey is part of my personality and not something I drastically plan(ha) on changing and suddenly turning into Spontaneous Sarah but I'm accepting that not every detail needs to be planned to the last little detail- plan the basics and leave some to chance because so many say the best plans are the last minute plans. Maybe I should learn that's true.

Planning for the future is something we all do because the future is such a big part of your life especially at just 17 and so planning is expected  but plans can change and sometimes I have to let them because the outcome may be just as good as if not better than my original idea. Sometimes I've got to let my gut feeling take some control.

Sarah x

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