27 Aug 2015

I've discovered some great finds over the summer and as it draws to a close with me returning to college next week, I thought I'd share these finds with you!


I haven't touched anything like this since my days in year 9 when I'd apply fake tan for PE lesson and evidently failing with only my knees and hands showing that I'd attempted to hide my paleness. Since then, I've very much embraced my paleness but after hearing some great things about this product and wanting to be a little sun kissed and look like I had actually stepped outside this summer I picked this up and I've loved it. It's a lot more subtle than fake tan and, being a lotion, it moisturises and doesn't leave streaks once you've rubbed it in. It also isn't an obvious colour change but just a subtle hint of colour and I really have enjoyed using this on occasion over summer and it wasn't that expensive!


Keeping with the tanned theme, I picked this up before I went to China as my usual L'oreal one had broken and I didn't want to risk it getting even more damaged. While it does say shimmer, it definitely isn't and is pretty much matte. It doesn't give a lot of colour which, for me, is good being pale as I find it really works with my skin tone and isn't too warm or too orange. I have really enjoyed using this this summer and I think it will become a staple in my college make up once I go back.


Lush is a shop I love to shop at but I hardly ever go because it's a shop that I'll go to if I have the money otherwise I steer well clear but while in London, I went to the new Oxford Street store. I know you're supposed to go there and pick up some exclusives but I was in need of a new mask and so many bloggers have been raving about this one and they have reason to! It didn't dry out my skin or break me out and did clear up my spots really well and almost overnight! For me, it is pricey compare to other great blemish masks but I'm so glad I picked it up because I love it!


This was a freebie I got in a magazine a few months before summer but I've been using it most during the past month or two. It does say it's Anti-ageing and I don't need to start with those treatments for a few years but this is an amazing base for foundation. It has a slightly sticky consistency which once you get over it, it's great! It smooths over my skin creating an great base for my foundation which means my foundation glides over my dry patches and doesn't cling. I've found it also prolongs my make up and doesn't look completely matte on the skin but, like it suggests, gives a radiant glow to the skin which I've grown to love! The small sample as lasted ages but once it's run out I'm considering picking up a full version even though it is anti-ageing. 


Don't be fooled by the name, it's not a product aimed at blondes but all hair types and is supposed to be for after you've been to the beach or in the sea and it's all tangled but I've been using it just to help de tangling my like hair and it really does work! I apply it the ends of hair and run a brush through it while in the shower and then again when I'm out and it really helps brush through my easily knotted, thick hair. It leaves it feeling super heathy and smooth as well as have the bonus of smelling really nice!


It's been the summer of answers and I've loved the waiting each week for a new episode to come onto Netflix. While, like many others, I'm in two minds about the ending, I have really enjoyed the show ad it's been so gripping! I can't wait for it to return next year! If you watched the finale, what did you think about the A reveal? Was it the right person?

So these are just a few things I've loved this summer! What have you loved this summer?
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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