13 Aug 2015

Over the past few months, me and some of my blogging friends Zoha, Beth, Emma and Lucy have been working to create a blogging network that offers something different to networks already found around twitter and blogging and I thought what better way to share with you the ins and outs than summing it all up in a blogpost.


As a blogging network, our aim is to unite bloggers together. To help bloggers find inspiration as well as find new blogs to read and spread the word of their blog. We wanted to offer a platform to those bloggers who may not fit a certain "niche" and offer an alternative approach to blogging that is seen as a minority such a book blogging or personal posts etc. We want to help such blogs grow their audiences and feel confident in their blogging style.


The master behind the plan was Zoha who came with me with the idea and it's something I've recently tried to express that there isn't a real network for people who offer something a little different to blogging to really promote their posts and find similar bloggers so I jumped at the chance to help start off the network. We knew we'd the help of some great, creative bloggers and so we called upon Lucy, Beth and Emma and all together we have created something that we can't wait to get started.


As mentioned, we want to help minority bloggers spread the word of their blog and by following us on twitter and mentioning us in blog links, we will be able to retweet your posts to our audience to help give you a little bit of exposure to people who may have never read your blog before.


At this moment in time, our network is just on twitter: @alt_bloggers where you can follow us to keep updated with new bloggers and have the chance to be promoted by us sharing your posts with our followers. We are also following a lot of followers back at the moment!


It's not even been a week since we launched the network and so we are still only small and over the next few weeks we are trying to get our network out there to attract bloggers who will think will really benefit from the network. Once we've grown an audience, we can really help you as a blogger promote your posts. We are also wanting to host twitter chats on topics that may not be discussed too much in the blogging community at the moment. In the long run, we want to be something a little more than your average twitter blogging network but it's just the begininning and we hope things will grow into something you can look to for blogging support in the future.

I hope this gives you a good introduction to the network and I hope you choose to join! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

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