29 Aug 2015

I'll say it. Money makes me happy. You're lying if your saying pay day doesn't bring you some joy or being given some spending money from a relative doesn't make you smile.
Money does seems to control our lives. No matter how much we deny it,money gives us happiness. I'm happy when I buy a book or receive some new clothes. Everything costs money and it seems happiness does to. We spend our lives learning skills to, eventually, go out and make our own money-that's what we all strive to do in life if we being negative realists; make money to live.

When we're in primary school we talk with friends about how we're going to grow up to be famous millionaires and live in a house with more bathrooms than people and have the fanciest car and the best clothes; that's how most of us as children thought happiness was and that our happiness could be bought. 

Everything comes from money so,yes, happiness can come from money. But to what extent? When does the happiness it brings you stop?

As I've grown up my money dreams have altered and now I'd just like to feel happy and secure with the money I have where I can afford to buy groceries for the week and not be in piles of debt. But that doesn't mean I have to be stinking rich to have a good, fulfilled life. I'm just as happy with getting £10 from my grandma for a birthday then any other sum and I guess gives a glimpse of how I feel about money on a bigger scale. Any amount of money can make you happy but, really, I feel the same amount of happiness from receiving £1 than I do £50.

Money can't buy the memories- the days you spend with friends laughing and joking making memories with out money- going on mini adventures or spending the day relaxing in a park. Yes, you might have bought a drink or sandwich while you're with them but out of the day what do you remember? I don't don't remember the sandwich that's for sure. 
Memories can't be bought and you can't put a price on the most cherished of them.

Any millionaire will face the same life struggles as an "average" paid person. Money can't prevent a family member from falling ill or for disaster to strike. Morbid I know but it's true. No amount of money can give you the power to stop something inevitable from happening. 

There's only so far money can get you before it's no longer the main source of happiness needed to keep you going in life. 

I think this a question that can be answered on a few different levels and I've only scratched the surface of my thoughts on this topic. 

The question was put forward to me by The Perfect World Project* which is a new TV show and social experiment where participants will be set challenges and the winner will win a Perfect World card loaded with a six figure sum before being given three months to live in their perfect world to see if money makes them happy. I love social experiments so the idea of this show really interests me! You can also apply to be apart of the show on their website!

The show are still in casting stages but if you're interested in finding out more here are a few links:

I'd really love to know your thoughts on this and whether money makes you happy? I think it could start a really good discussion!
Hope you're doing great,
Sarah x

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and have o way been influenced by the company in question. 

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